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Oct 24, 2013




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Okay I know some of y’all hate when I bitch, so I am going to try not too haha! But I will tell you I am freaking tired. I am sitting here barely able to type this because my eyes are wanting to shut. Do kids ever sleep through the night? Come on mamas with older babies, give this mama some hope and tell me yes!!! It’s just been one of those weeks, you know when you start your period, nothing fits, you want chocolate for every meal, and o yeah your kids don’t make it one night with a full nights sleep. O shit, and I said I wasn’t going to bitch, sorry! I sometimes just like to keep it real!
But……..On a better note good old Tory Burch is having an insane sale!!!
Like this stacked hobo originally $465.00 now $250.00
 And these flats originally $250.00 now $125.00
Or if you dig the logo on the toe, these flats are marked down to $149.99
Obsessed with this belt!! Originally $175.00 now $69.50
 Loving these yellow studs and for $34.00 I’d say that’s one heck of a deal!!

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  1. I know we're on the same Aunt Flo schedule and was wondering why I can't stop eating and it feels like someone has my lower half in a vice. No wonder. Ugh. I'm right there with ya girl. I have an open house on Saturday morning and all I can think about is sleeping. Bleh. Hope it gets better soon!

  2. Mine only sleep through the night when they are being watched by someone else. Stinkers. Love all those Tory picks!

  3. Try the Mirena, most women don't get a period!

  4. Hope you feel better soon! Tory Burch got me yet again. How can you say no??

  5. Don't tempt me on that TB bag. I have been banned from shopping for awhile after a large Lululemon splurge last weekend. I have no hope to offer you on kids and sleeping. My 4 year old was in our bed most of last night, and my 8 year old wanted me in her bottom bunk at 5am. So annoying!! I sometimes dose them with melatonin to get them to sleep easily, but it doesn't guarantee that they will stay asleep!

  6. I hear ya!! I think I've been feeling like that since school started. We have a 3 year old in our bed every night but at this point I don't even wake up when he comes in. My 6 year old used to come as well until I started promising him a sweet treat in his lunch every time he slept through the night in his bed. Worked like a charm.

  7. allegra says:

    I like when you complain. It shows you're human:) Ruby comes crawling into our bed EVERy night about 1 or 2 in the morning and then snuggles up. Its so cute, but also I never feel rested cause she's always on top of me haha. And now Max has started doing it! She also went through a really hard phase in her 2's and early 3's of not going to bed very well, and waking up a lot. What? I thought they were supposed to sleep well after their baby phase is over. Not so much. Hang in there momma! For a sleep deprived gal, you sure do always look beautiful!


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