I don’t leave home without my face on……

Jul 29, 2014




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When my brother and I were little my mother used to say, “Hold on guys, I’ve gotta put my face on.” What my mom was actually saying is she had to put her makeup on. This always happened, no matter where we were going. My mom didn’t wear a lot of makeup, but I remember her ALWAYS looking beautiful and put together.
Funny thing is I have started using this saying. Isn’t it interesting the things that stick with us from childhood. Anyways, the point to my story, just like my mother, I do not leave the house without makeup on. Not sure if this was a learned trait, an insecurity thing, or the fact that I just feel more put together and pretty with makeup on. Maybe a little of all three if I had to guess. I even wear a full face when I go to the gym (sometimes I skip the eye makeup though).
Again, back to the point. Yesterday I went out in public with a bare face. This was not necessarily done on purpose, but none the less, it happened. I was rushing yesterday morning to get Carson to swim lessons and barely got my teeth brushed. I was okay with hitting the pool bare faced because I had my sunglasses on, but then my girlfriend and I decided to run home, change the kids, and hit Chick-fil-a. I didn’t have time to put anything on my face because it was getting close to nap time, and I knew our lunch time would be limited as it was. 
All was fine and I survived with no makeup (I was secretly praying I wouldn’t run into anyone though). All of this said, this got my girlfriend and I talking about makeup and some of the things we pretty much NEVER leave the house without. You know every girl has these, but mine, I find are usually quite different from others so I thought I would share. Powder, bronzer, blush and pink lipgloss. Here are my favorites that I wear daily. 
Powder in medium beige // Blush in Berry Pop // Lipgloss in Ring Leader Bronzer in Sunkissed
My friend Kelly’s were mascara, concealer, and lip gloss. I asked her what concealer she used, because gasp, I don’t use any!! And that is not because I don’t need it because trust me I do. I’ve just never found one I loved. She swears I will love this one, so I am taking the plunge on it! She also promised it will last a long time because $41.00 for concealer ain’t exactly cheap 🙂 
So what are your ‘I can’t leave the house without’ makeup items? No really, I want to know.
* Also thought you would like to know this cover-up that I have just got marked down almost half off!! I am kicking myself for not waiting!!! Hey, we live and learn right 🙂 Sadly I never seem to learn ha!
Plus you can get free shipping today with the code JUSTBECAUSE!!!! They never do free shipping!!
* And these jeans that I ordered arrived yesterday. If you are in need of some amazing black jeans grab these before all the sizes go!! Plus, added bonus you get to size down because they stretch out, these are a size 25 🙂 You can’t beat this price for Hudson jeans 🙂 O yeah, and do you see what else came in….. my nude pumps! I loved my pink ones so much I just couldn’t help myself and I know they will go with everything this fall!
Note, these jeans were a little long on me so I just rolled them up (I am kinda digging the rolled up look this year).
Last, my beautiful friend Way Way, no seriously I have a major girl crush on her is is launching her pop up shop today at Furbish! Sale starts at 11:00 am, so be ready!!
This piece I have of hers is currently needing a frame, but it’s one of my all time favorites! 
And didn’t I tell you she was beautiful? You girl crushing now too?

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  1. love the nude pumps! and you know I never leave home without makeup!!

  2. Those nude heels are amazing!! I also never leave the house without my face on – thin layer of foundation, bronzer on my cheeks, mascara and lipgloss… My go to face!

  3. Lauren Dumas says:

    that concealer is amazing! i use bare minerals for a quick natural look and always chanel mascara- its the best! bare minerals also has a powder under eye brightener that with a baby is necessary when i leave the house because of my dark circles.

  4. Dina says:

    I never used to leave the house without makeup but since kids, I feel like I'm usually rushing so it happens A LOT! My top ones are Chanel mascara, Estee Lauder Double Wear concealer, bronzer, and lip gloss!

  5. Those nude pumps are everything!!!! Love them! I never leave the house with out "my face on" either. For me, it's concealer, face powder (I love MAC studio fix), chapstick, mascara and blush. I also like to line my eyes – if I have time I do top and bottom if not, I just do the bottom.

  6. Nat says:

    If I can't do a full face of make up then I never leave home with out mascara, concealer and bronzer/blush! I never ever go with out mascara even at the gym and I always wear earrings. Can't go without out earrings ever.

  7. Unknown says:

    the only thing i ever wear is eye makeup…but i rarely leave the house without it! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  8. Unknown says:

    Those nude pumps looks awesome with those black skinnies! Love them

  9. Christina says:

    this is great. i was just (like 2 min ago, no joke) looking in the mirror while putting on blush and thought "oh god, i think i should never go out without blush on. i look more human with it." i definitely say "i don't have my face on" bc when i don't, "i feel scary." ahhaha. scaring small children with my dark circles!! but no, at the very least i need blush and mascara. lip gloss is a bonus. i'm so amazed at how casual the girls are up here. so plain and very little makeup. i kid you not, i feel like when i wear eyeshadow that it's an aggressive move up here. ooooh boy i've left the south.

  10. Those pumps are gorgeous; I'm trying to convince my husband that I need a pair while they're still on sale! I also never leave the house without makeup on and it drives my husband crazy when we're heading somewhere simple like the pool! I have to have concealer, mascara, blush/bronzer and usually my eyebrow powder (because my eyebrows are so light that they're invisible without this stuff). The irony is that my mom never wore a stitch of makeup when I was growing up and only recently started wearing it when she goes out to dinner! Sadly I'm already training my girls to be like me and as they watch me get ready daily, they always ask how old they have to be before they can wear makeup!

  11. Tess says:

    I don't mind going to workout without any make-up, but anywhere besides gym classes I do put a few things on. My MUSTS are all by Benefit – Fake Up under eye concealer, Speed Brow, Liquid blush in a radiant orchid color, a little eye lash curler and a few whisks of They're Real mascara. I can knock that out in about 2 minutes.

  12. Bamawhitney says:

    I love my bare minerals, because it makes you feel like you aren't even wearing make-up. I gotta do better about making sure I have my face on more!!

  13. Colleen says:

    So funny, I always need my make up on too. Even my kids tell me not to leave home without it. I have seriously considered tattooing my eyeliner on but I'm too much of a wimp to ever do it. I'm addicted to Nars products, best stuff ever!

  14. I never leave the house without makeup on and when I do, I am just like you and pray I hope I don't run into anyone I know! I swear by the Benefit Hoola bronzer, Dior Nude Foundation and Lancome Mascara. I have been using that stuff since high school.

  15. caycee says:

    What!?! I and so jealous, but you have that perfect baby skin!!
    Face throwing a kissFace throwing a kiss

  16. caycee says:

    Okay girl I am getting the concealer!! And now I wanna try that mascara too!!


  17. I hate leaving home without makeup on, too! I always just feel so much more put together when I have at least a little makeup on. I did a followup post today about my "can't leave home without" makeup products…check it out!


  18. Seriously reconsidering never leaving the house again without makeup! I am such a slouch I usually just have a bun and no makeup! I used to be better about it but blow drying my hair in this summer heat stinks! But you all are doing it in the heat down in Charleston, so I have got to get on it! No more excuses–plus I think it will make me feel a ton better about myself (no more dark circles!! And my mom was the same, she never left the house without "her face on!"


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