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Jul 6, 2018




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Happy Friday!! I’m a few days late getting this post together, but here are my June purchases off Amazon. I love that y’all like these posts, because I swear, you can buy almost any and everything off Amazon these days! Plus, they usually have the best prices and you can’t beat their next day shipping! 

Kaitlyn Pan Genuine Leather Studded Flip-Flop

I am so excited about these sandals, y’all! The color I ordered (poudre matte) was on back order last week, but I just got an email letting me know they would arrive on Sunday! I’ll be sure to show them to you as soon as they arrive. 
Our old carpet cleaner finally bit the dust about a month ago. And of course, as soon as it did Rocky decided to relieve himself on the carpet three times and then Taylor spilled chocolate milk on my rug. That being said, I took those two things as a sign we needed to order a new one stat! This one has amazing reviews and the price isn’t too bad either.  

Todd just recently installed this on our shower, and holy moly it’s amazing! I bought it because I heard a filtered shower head is so good for your hair and skin, but man, the flow and the water pressure are great with this thing! 
I have the smallest head and face ever, so I was really excited when I found these! They fit great, they are polarized, and they’re only $28!
This stuff is like liquid gold if you have bleached and/or damaged hair! My new stylist told me to order this, and y’all, it’s a game changer for your hair. 
This bath pillow is the best thing ever! An evening bath has never been so relaxing, plus, the suction cups really work so it doesn’t slip or slide off. 

I like this stuff more than I do the Orbie one (and I loved the Orbie one). This ones gives you body and a light hold without making your hair stiff or sticky. 
How darling is this little dress! And the quality is so good. I’ll share an up close view of it later today on Instastories! 
I loved Taylor’s old bow holder, but we really needed a longer one to hold all of her bows. This one definitely does the trick…it can hold all of her bows and then some! 
This portable charger is awesome, and I love that it’s tiny and compact enough to fit in a clutch. I took it out with me several times last week and it was so nice not to have to worry about my phone dying. 
Todd and I both just got the new iPhone X and I highly recommend this charger. 
After you try this Pelican you will want to kiss your Yeti goodbye. It works 10 times better and it’s cheaper! 
If you’re looking for a wine tumbler to keep your summer rose cold then order this one now! The price is great and it really works.
Obsessed with this new curling iron. My new stylist showed me how to use this baby to get perfect beach waves, and it is so much easier to use than any of my wands. 

 Sleeveless A-Line Dress Embroidered Dress // Earrings // Sandals (on sale)

Dress runs tts and I’m wearing a small.

Women’s Strappy Tank Short Set

So obsessed with these lightweight pajamas and you just can’t beat the price! They run tts, and for sizing reference, I’m wearing a small. 

Breathable Backless Strapless Silicone Adhesive Invisible Bra

Holy moly, these babies have more stick than any other sticky bra I’ve ever tried, and I just love how they are breathable so you don’t sweat as bad in them. Bra runs small so make sure to go up one size.

Dress runs tts, and for sizing reference, I’m wearing a small. 

This boho maxi is another Amazon fashion winner! I love the gray color with the hot pink embroidery, but it’s also gorgeous in the other two colors as well. Runs tts and I’m wearing it in the small/medium. 

 I’m wearing a medium in the top and the bottoms. 
Swimsuit runs small, and for reference, I’m wearing a medium. 
Pajamas run tts, and for reference, I’m wearing a small. 
One-Piece // Sunglasses (on sale) // Beach Hat
This lemon swimsuit is currently my new favorite one-piece and it’s only $25! It runs tts, and for reference, I’m wearing a small. 
All of these precious little girls dresses are under $15 and they all run tts. I bought Taylor a size 6 in all of them, and after washing and drying they fit her perfect. 

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