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May 16, 2012




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So the first few days were pure bliss, seriously they were! I was convinced we had finally got our “easy baby”! I was so excited I was all but bragging to our pediatrician that we had a happy baby with no Acid Reflux! She was quick to burst my bubble and let me know that is could still come, and a likely chance it would since Carson had it so bad 🙁 Well she was right darn it! Baby Taylor has Acid  reflux, and poor girl is in pain most of the time when she is awake! If any of you ladies have or have had a baby with reflux you know how hard it can be on baby, mommy, and the rest of the family! Now I am writing all this to say Acid Reflux you can kiss our tales, we are going to be happy! I am still going to shower, get dressed and put on makeup! I am going to do things with my babies, and we are going to go places! You see with Carson I let this take me down. I was depressed I wouldn’t take my baby anywhere, and it was no fun for either of us! Not this time our glass is going to be half full not empty! If acid reflux is our only problem then we are blessed, seriously blessed! Now here to hoping our insurance is going to cover the $265.00 a month medication she needs 🙂  

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  1. donna says:

    Atta girl for not letting acid reflux stop y'all from living life. Both of my kids had acid reflux and am so glad that medicine helped them both. Yes, it's no fun to pay that high price…my husband used to joke that it's a liquid gold 🙂

  2. Katlyn says:

    I had twins born 2 months early and they each had severe acid reflux – it was so horrible so I can totally empathize with you but I love your attitude!

  3. so sorry for poor little poopsie! You have a great attitude and that will help calm baby also!! I had 3 without it but have heard it is super painful!

  4. so sorry for poor little poopsie! You have a great attitude and that will help calm baby also!! I had 3 without it but have heard it is super painful!

  5. Aww no! We can discuss this afternoon!! Stay strong friend, I have some vino waiting for you!

  6. So sorry about the reflux. My second had it bad, but Prevacid was a life saver. Of course, there was no generic for it, so it was costly, but worth every penny. Good luck!

  7. Dina says:

    You go girl, get that medicine and get out the door everyday! My BFF in Mt P just had her first and I told her take a shower every morning, put on makeup, and have a plan to get out of the house to shop, see friends, lunch etc. it's the only way!!

  8. Cora Bouch says:

    Hi. Congratulations on your adorable little girl! I have never commented before but wanted to let you know about this sleeper since your daughter has reflux. Ive heard GREAT things about it for easing the discomfort of reflux during sleep. Hope it helps!

    Take care.


  9. Rebecca says:

    Both my girls have had reflux and with our second we found BIO GAIA infant probiotics. I am not kidding you, within 24 hours the screaming STOPPED and she was a totally different (happy) baby! It was amazing. Save yourself some money and get the probiotic drops (rather than meds). I think the best deal was to order straight from the manufacturer!

  10. Rebecca says:

    I just realized that sounded like I am some crazy advertiser, pyramid scheme weirdo. Ha! I promise I'm not. Just a mom who was in tears with a screaming baby and high needs 2 year old.

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  12. Girl I know your pain all too well! Great attitude, keep it up!


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