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Jul 14, 2015




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I know, I know…that title is extremely cheesy 🙂  But last night after dinner we decided to take a little evening stroll around the neighborhood.  Even though we almost melted from the heat, and had to clean up poop three times, it felt so good to hear these two laugh and enjoy being outside.  It was also enjoyable watching Carson try to walk Rocky…it was actually more like Rocky was the one walking him! 
On our little walk we also enjoyed, or should I say Taylor enjoyed, testing out her new ride.  How pretty is the pink with the pop of neon!?  It’s the new South Beach collection, and it’s awesome! When Quinny contacted me about reviewing this stroller I knew it would be perfect for this summer, and then next year I’ll be ready to hand it down to my newborn niece.  I really wish I would have had this stroller when Taylor was a baby because the reclining position would have been perfect for naps on the go. 
At least for this summer, I know we will get tons of use out of it at the beach, the park, downtown, and just strolling around the neighborhood.
This stroller is super user and travel friendly.  The best part is that it folds nice and compact with the seat still attached.  You can check all of it’s bells and whistles out right here!! 
Outfit Details 
Mine- Tee // Reversible Leggings // Sunglasses // Shoes- sold out similar here and here  
Carson’s- Tee // Shorts // Flipflops
Taylor’s- Seersucker Pom Dress // chubby bare feet = priceless 

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  1. Annie Reeves says:

    Cutest little family!! Cannot wait to hear more about that hair 🙂 🙂

    Annie Reeves

  2. We use to do evening walks. I guess when it cools off we will pick them back up.

  3. Laura says:

    Oh! New hairstyle! Love how you can mix it up! Sorry a dumb question, but when do kids typically graduate from the stroller? Is this one that can be used for infants up to toddler age? That's great it has that flexibility!

  4. There is nothing better than a quiet family walk in the evenings – hard for us now being in the middle of Winter but hopefully back to them soon x


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