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Wow you guys, I didn’t realize how long it has been since I’ve given you all a little real life update around here. 
// Early last week, I went on a whim and decided to chop my hair again. The ends were looking so bad, and as much as I wanted to keep letting it grow, I knew by going shorter the end result would be thicker and healthier hair. So, we went and took a good three inches off, and if you don’t have long hair to begin with, then that feels like a lot! As soon as we cut my hair, it instantly looked better and felt so much better. Also, I just ordered this curling wand and this texturizing spray, so I’m hoping to try out some different ways to curl and style my new short do. 

// For once, I actually have 99% of my Christmas shopping complete, wrapped, and under the tree this early!! 
The only problem with that is that the kids want to pick up and shake their presents and guess what…they do it EVER SINGLE DAY!! #shootmenow #goodthingshescute 
And for those of y’all that asked about Taylor’s little cable knit dress, you can find it here. I just recently discovered this brand, and you guys, I am obsessed! 
// This guy has been extra clingy and snuggly lately, and this gets me worried because he’s so old. I try not to think about it too much though, because I’m not sure what I would do without my little hairy sidekick. It’s crazy to think he will be fourteen years old this year! 
My pajamas are from last year, but I did find the kids set here and this year’s adult prints here.

// Speaking of getting older, I turned 33 last week!! I can still remember hearing the age ’30’ and thinking that sounded so old…haha!! Todd and the kiddos showered me with lots of love, cupcakes, flowers, and a few goodies as well. 
I mean, how good is that e-card 😉 
 And I was super excited and surprised when I opened this…clearly Todd does read my blog…ha!
This lotion smells so good and feels even better. 
// I spent Wednesday evening at home with Todd and the kiddos for my birthday, but on Thursday, Todd took me out to celebrate just the two of us! I was so excited because we went to the new restaurant, Dockery’s, that just opened on Daniel Island. We loved everything we ordered, but I only snapped a few pictures because I was starving, plus, it was dark and the lighting was bad. 
Below is the roasted vegetable flatbread and it was probably my favorite! 
What I wore

Fringe Infinity Scarf (only $9) // Tassel Earrings
Black Skinny Jeans (40% off and under $50) //  Pumps similar here

// Carson and Taylor both have some mad art skills, but I’m not so sure where they get it from. I thought both of their elves were pretty darn good, but then again, I am their mama. 
// This past weekend, we kept things really low key and this was pretty much my attire all weekend! 

// On Saturday, however, we made it to two movies in one day. No one in our house is a big fan of the cold weather (except maybe Todd), and we had two movies that we were all dying to see on our list! 
The two movies that we saw were Wonder and Coco, and you guys, I can’t recommend these two movies enough. They were both so amazing, but make sure you bring your tissues because they both made me cry. Most were happy tears though, so don’t let that keep you from going. 
And when we go to the movies, we really go the movies. Movie theater popcorn and Cherry Coke are my weakness. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm actually 100% with shopping and wrapping this year too! It's amazing! LOL Love the new hair, it suits your face shape very well.

  2. JMO says:

    Sooo basically I love everything here! GORGEOUS tree and decor and way to go on finishing shopping! Also, happy belated birthday! xo


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