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Sep 13, 2017




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Taylor was sick most of last week and when she finally started to feel better school was cancelled for three days because of hurricane Irma. That being said, we did a lot of painting. 
And I do mean A LOT of painting 🙂 

 We had a sleepover with our good buddy, Sterling, and the kiddos and I had so much fun rock painting. 

Then we had to go hide our creations! 
And I’m pretty sure all four rocks ended up being hidden in this tree house 😉 

This has pretty much been my attire all week long. 

No really, I’ve been living in my yoga pants with no make-up. And red wine always helps after a long day stuck inside when everyone is going stir-crazy…ha! 

Todd came home early from work on Monday and I started this book. Yesterday morning I finished it, and yes, it’s another amazing book by my girl, Colleen!! 

These new mules arrived yesterday and I am OBSESSED!!!! Please excuse the sexy joggers, but I told y’all I’ve been straight bumming it all week. 
While it was kind of nice being lazy like this guy for the last few days, I must admit, I’m ready to get some things accomplished today and put on some real pants 🙂 

Hope y’all have a great Wednesday, and if any of you like thai curry make sure you check back here tomorrow for a delicious recipe! 

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  1. Hope little Taylor is all better! What was the book like? x

  2. Chelsea says:

    Love the rock painting 🙂 My Little one loves finding rocks


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