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// I want to thank you all again for your suggestions, as far as keeping Rocky off the couches!! I can’t tell you how many messages I received saying to put foil on the couches. That is what I did, and it worked like a charm. I feel like he could almost sense that something was on there, because he only tried to jump on their one time and before he even made it on the couch he quickly backed away. Now, he either lays around outside in the sunshine or on his cozy bed in our bedroom! 
// On Monday, I went to Whole Foods with all intentions of getting my grocery shopping knocked out for the week, but it was so crowded that I decided to just grab milk and bananas, and then this gorgeous orchid caught my eye. I swear, they get me every time with their flowers. And y’all, can you believe that I snapped this picture with my iPhone!?!? I’m pretty obsessed with the iPhone 7 and it’s portrait feature. 
// I tell myself every week that I’m not going to have any wine until at least mid week, and then Monday happens. I’m not sure what it is about Monday, but I swear, it’s the day that I need/want my big glass of wine the most! Please tell me I’m not alone?? And speaking of wine, this pinot noir may be one of the best I’ve ever tasted. For my local readers, I picked it up at Total Wine. 
//And speaking of wine, last Saturday my girlfriends and I headed out to the Charleston Food and Wine Tent Tasting. We actually brought the men along with us, but as usual, we have no pictures of them. I swear, I think they hide from the camera on purpose. 
It was such a fun event filled with lots of yummy food, and of course, delicious drinks.
 My favorite drink of the day was the Tito’s vodka with a splash of Hooch. 
What I wore
// Easter candy is my WEAKNESS, and I just can’t stop myself from buying when it I see it at the store. Why are those dang eggs so good, y’all!?!? 
// Looking at this picture makes me happy and sad at the same time. I feel like neither one of my babies are babies at all anymore. They are officially independent kiddos now. And while life is much calmer and easier in so many ways, I miss them being babies so much! 
// The weather was so nice here yesterday. It was definitely a white tee, jeans, and barefoot kind of day! And as I mentioned last night on Instagram, this white tee isn’t just your normal white tee. It’s part cotton, part silk, and it’s so comfy! Best part…it was just marked down 40% off!! And these jeans just became my new favorite. Oh my word, they are so soft and fit just right! They are also a little darker in person than they appear online. The color in the photo below is spot on. 

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  1. Christina says:

    haahha the wine thing — i feel ya!! who cares what day it is..a day is a day is a day. when you're feelin' it, sip up! i love that pinot too. 🙂 do i sound like a lush yet?

  2. Keltz says:

    Hi Cayce! Love your blog! I am finishing building a home and in search if beautiful new furniture-love the white chest of drawers in your bedroom-where did you find this? Im looking for some new furniture and would love tips! Im located in Columbia so can easily get to Chas for furniture shopping 🙂

  3. Loving your bedroom set up and your clean/crisp outfits!

  4. Tammy Nelson says:

    Those tulips and that chocolate make me happy 🙂 Always love seeing photos of your gorgeous home !!!

  5. You and Natalie will have to come visit me in Austin and we can go Tour Tito's and Deeps Eddie's 🙂


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