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Sorry for my absence the last few days, Taylor caught the stomach bug so I’ve been tied up while snuggling my sweet baby back to health.  Thankfully, she’s feeling much better now and I am now praying no one else gets it!! 

Ready to roll, and looking so cute in her “working out clothes”, as she likes to call them.  I love that they make mini yoga pants and warm up jackets in her size. 

// The Nordstrom winter clearance sale just started today, and as you know it’s always really good! My little red dress made the cut too, and is now 40% off!!! 
My top 5 favorites are below, but goodness I have about 100 things I want to grab!
Stitch Sweater – Now $39!!

Eliza J Lace Dress Comes in two other colors as well. I have this in black, and the fit is so classic and flattering! 
Woven Maxi Dress– Just snagged tis for a wedding we have in March! 
Kate Spade Floral Blouse  Obsessed with this pattern! 
// Todd and I are 99% sure that we are going to build on Daniel Island.  We have been looking stalking one specific lot for a long time now, and they actually just dropped the price!!  A good-size yard is something that is very important to Todd and I, but almost impossible to get on Daniel Island.  So, we have known for quite a while now that we wanted this lot!  I am trying not to let myself get too excited, because it’s not a done deal yet, but now we have to work it out to make sure we stay within our budget and make it happen!  Sadly, my marble is probably going to have to take a back seat for a few years…haha!!  But I am having so much fun dreaming up all the lighting and fun decor a new home will bring!  And heads up, West Elm is currently offering 20% all lighting!  I have loved this light for a while now, but I am trying to convince myself to wait! 
// After being cooped in the house for two solid days, I snuck off Thursday night with some girlfriends to Bin152!  Best meat and cheese you will ever eat, plus, their wine isn’t to shabby either:) 

What I wore //
Bella Top (On sale) // Jeans (in black dark blue are sold out) // Pumps 

// Surprise package arrived in my mailbox this week from Thomas Sabo , and my jaw literally dropped when I opened it and saw this ring and bracelet!!!  I can’t get over this ring, so gorgeous! 

// No big plans for Valentine’s around here…what about you guys?  We are going out downtown tonight with a big group of friends for dinner, but Saturday and Sunday we plan to keep things low key and hang with the kiddos! 

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  1. No big plans, weather here is going to be super cold so we are staying in and I'm cooking scallops and risotto on Sunday night!

  2. "B" says:

    We are planning on some fun family friendly activities that are in doors as the temps are supposed to be frigid and we want to celebrate our family of four before we become a family of FIVE in a few short weeks:)

  3. My sisters and I saw the meat and cheese tray on IG this week, and it made us long for our time together in a few weeks. To sit and eat this deliciousness and drink wine with them sounds AMAZING!!! We always to a low key Valentine's Day, and I love it. Steaks on the grill, a nice bottle of wine, and some simple sides is the best!

  4. Unknown says:

    If you need a good builder, my husband and his dad build beautiful homes at honest prices. Catherine Bell of Army Wives was a client!

  5. OMG!!! Thomas Sabo – amazing!! x

  6. Miranda says:

    That bella top and lace dress are gorgeous!

  7. Kybluegrass says:

    I'm in the process of building a custom home and it is so hard to stay on budget. Just make sure you're prepared to go 15-25% over total cost to build. We purchased our land (paid cash) and saved for another year. Construction loans aren't as easy as mortgage loans. Banks will only loan 80% of total cost to build. We've saved and saved, but it's been worth it. In the end we get the home of our dreams. Good luck, it's a long exhausting process.

  8. Girl. Get your marble. It doesn't cost much more than granite, anyway. Go with standard lighting fixtures because you can upgrade it for a lot cheaper a couple months after you move in.


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