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// A little crazy is definitely how I would describe the last few weeks around here!  We have had eight house showings in the last three days and our house went under contract last night!!!  It’s a non-contingent contract, so things should move pretty quickly.  Can I get a whoop whoop!  And with that whoop whoop, can I get some movers, packers, and a place to live 😉  So, my apologies in advance if over the next month I go MIA or am just all over the place 😉 
// With all of the above going on I’ve decided to make sure I have my butt in the gym at least four days a week.  Working out is what keeps me sane and I truly feel so much better when I go to the gym.  I know many of you have asked for an update on my workouts and diet, and I promise, I will do my best to write a full post on that next week. 
That being said, we all know new gym goals are always more fun with new gym attire and accessories 😉  If any of you are in the market for new running shoes and yoga pants I highly recommend what I am wearing below! 
Hooded Pullover (40% off) // Nike running shoe more colors here // 
Performance Leggings (amazing and perfect length)

And I am just slightly obsessed with my new yoga mat.  By the way, it’s for barre because y’all know I can’t handle yoga 😉 
// We head out for Legoland at 5am tomorrow morning!!!!  I can’t wait to see Carson’s face when we arrive!  I have a few little surprises up my sleeve for Carson, Taylor, and his buddy Reeves.  One of the surprises is a character breakfast with “real Lego characters”.  I am, however, a little nervous about the weather Friday and the park possibly closing a little early.  But I figured, if that’s the case, we will just shop and maybe catch one of the 4-D movies! 

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  1. Alie says:

    Wow, go girl! Y'all have fun at LEGOLAND! I love how you know how to stop and all be kidees! I'm with you with the gym. I'm going to try some new classes and shake it up! Need some new "running" shoes too! I love yours. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Aja says:

    Hi Caycee! I live in Central FL and have been to Legoland several times. They will DEFINITELY close the majority of rides if there's lightning or heavy storms in the area (which there is going to be tomorrow). The 4D movies are great and I would make sure to sign up for be Master Builder's class at the hotel as an activity to do while weather is bad. Too bad it's going to be so cold while you're here (Sat will be MAJORLY cold by Central FL standards), because the pool at LL hotel is so fun! You'll have a great time. We ❤️ LL.

  3. Can't wait to hear your review of legoland, I've heard the hotel is just the BEST for themeing! Congrats on your contract!!

  4. LHWinstead says:

    How exciting – love your current home, it's beautiful!! Excited to see how it all works out for yall 🙂

  5. WOOHOO!!! So excited for your new house and moving venture – although it is going to be a crazy time for you! Thinking of you x


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