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Dec 1, 2015




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// Thanksgiving was really good this year!  We stayed in our pj’s most of the day, pulled out a few Christmas decorations, and I cooked three of my favorite sides for our Thanksgiving dinner.  And even though we weren’t with our family this year, we were surrounded by great friends. 
// Since getting our king size bed we’ve had quite a few middle of the night visitors 😉  Todd and I have never let the kids sleep with us before, but I guess we’re turning into old softies.  I can’t lie, I love waking up and seeing their sweet sleeping faces. 

 And look at that wild hair, haha!
// Therapy is still amazing, and I am pretty sure Todd and I want to go and see her until we are ninety years old.  She has taught us so much, both individually and together as a couple. 
And this is just too funny not to share….thank goodness she hasn’t tried to take either of these away. 😉 
// Speaking of Todd, goodness I love that man.  Flowers for no reason at all are the best kind of flowers. 
// Todd and I are going to tour our first school this morning, and then we have four more lined up for next week.  For those of you who live in the area we are trying to decide between Daniel Island and Mt Pleasant.  We are both completely torn as far as which route to take.  The schools in both areas are great.  They are all highly rated so this doesn’t help our decision, but hopefully we’ll get a better idea after visiting each of them.  To my local readers, I would love any thoughts or opinions you could give me!

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  1. HA! when we got our king bed that happened to us too! but I love waking up next to them too (or their feet in my face lol) . . . love your christmas tree

  2. Kimm says:

    Flowers for no reason are the best! And we don't let the kids sleep with us either however every now and again Olivia wanders in and we are ok with that;). Have a great day! Good luck with the schools…I know how tough making that decision is !

  3. Unknown says:

    Love that bed! No wonder the kids want to sleep in there.


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