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Nov 18, 2015




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// Tomorrow night one of my dear friends, Ann Schwartz, is hosting her very first pop-up shop at one of my favorite boutiques…Simply J!  I know you guys have probably heard me talk about Ann many times on this blog, but her art is truly amazing, and not to mention, she has a heart of gold.  I will be there the entire night, so I sure hope to see some of your pretty faces!  Wine, food, adorable clothing, and stunning art….sounds like the perfect night to me! 
And here’s a little preview of what will be for sale……
// Todd and I have officially decided to put our house on the market in January!!  I am a complete ball of emotions about this, just typing the words out has me tearing up.  We are both super excited and sad all at the same time.  We love our home, we have now been here for eight years, and we’ve poured our hearts and soul into this place.  We have friends that are like family here (as do Taylor and Carson) and leaving them will be so hard, even if we’re not too far away.  We brought both of our babies home here, and watched them have all of their “first” in this home.  There are so many things I will miss about this neighborhood and our home, I could sit here all day listing them, but Todd and I are both really excited about the future.  I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself here, but we have a pretty good idea of where we are going and it’s a place I’ve dreamed of for many years.  I promise to keep you all posted along the way.
(The yard where he learned to swing his first bat)
The home we celebrated their very first year of life. 
And third. 
So life after the holidays is probably going to be a bit crazy, and I can’t wait for this next adventure! Thank you so much for following along and allowing me to share so much of my family and our lives with you all!!  

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  1. Kimm says:

    I'm sure it's emotional leaving a home where so many wonderful memories have been made. But how exciting for a new home and new memories ! Can't wait to hear all about it ! So excited for you guys !

  2. So exciting! We are also putting our home on the market after the holidays and I have the same feelings of excitement but terrified of everything that has to be done between now and then!

  3. Alie says:

    Wow, good luck and best wishes. I'm sure y'all have something wonderful in mind. It will be a great journey!!! 🙂

  4. Can't wait to hear where you are headed! I know it will be a journey but a good step forward! Hugs!-Janet

  5. Ann says:

    Yay! Can't wait for a fun girls night out tomorrow! And, I'm also excited about your big move!!

  6. Christina says:

    good luck with the house sale and move! excited for you! xo

  7. The sailboat picture is lovely!!

    Congrats on find a new place. I am excited for you and can't wait to follow that fun journey!

  8. Aja says:

    We still own our former home (the one we brought our babies home to- well actually my youngest was born AT that house! Lol). We rent the house out and I can't go over there because I cry and cry. So, actually our plan (hopefully) is to raise our family in our current, much larger home, sell it when they're adults, pocket the profits and move "home" to the house we've been renting to people for 25 years!

  9. How exciting yet a bit sad at the same time. I still drive by our first house from time to time and we went trick or treating there this year. Whenever you revisit your neighborhood you will get that warm and fuzzy feeling! So much fun ahead for you all! 🙂


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