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Dec 3, 2018




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We had a pretty laid back Friday around here.  We ordered takeout and watched the movie Foxcatcher.  I love Channing Tatum and the movie was based on true events so I thought it would be a really good one, but without knowing the story beforehand, Todd and I were both disappointed at the end. 

On Saturday morning, I woke up bright and early so I could get myself ready to make the pimento cheese bacon potato salad for Todd’s grandmothers birthday I mentioned last week.  I know this is not the best picture, but trust me, it was delicious!! 
We had such a great time at Todd’s grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration.  It was so nice seeing everyone from his family that we don’t get to see very often, and the kids had a blast playing with all their cousins. This is a picture of his nanny with all the great-grandkids!!  She has four kids of her own, so as you can imagine, Todd has a huge family! 
This is the best picture I could get of Taylor, but I had to share it because of this cute this little sweater and skirt set!  I mean that sassy pose with that hand on her hip…I can’t even…haha! 

What I wore

// It rained here all day yesterday so we took the kids to one of our favorite lunch spots, SOL.  Their food is so good, and they have the best margarita menu ever!! 

What I wore

We ended the afternoon at the movies seeing Ralph Breaks the Internet.  It was such a cute movie and the kids loved it! 

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