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Feb 14, 2017




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Good morning, and Happy Valentine’s Day friends. I’m so sorry for my absence around here. This new house thing is consuming a lot of my time, and at the end of the day I just want to turn my brain off and hang with Todd and the kiddos. 
That being said, I feel like we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The paint and hardware installation is almost finished on all of our closets and built-ins, so hopefully by this weekend we will be able to move in all our clothes and get the kids toys organized as well. I am so looking forward to feeling settled and sharing some of the details in the house. 
After trying out a few different chairs in our dining room and having no luck, I called on my designer friend Sarah Swanson to help me out. She suggested these chairs with our white wash table, so I placed my order and they should be here by next week sometime!! I’m loving how this space is coming together…so light and neutral.
// I can’t even begin to tell you guys what a blast we had in the mountains! I know you are probably thinking it had to be complete chaos with 14 adults and 16 kids, but it really wasn’t.  The house was so spacious and laid out so well that it didn’t feel chaotic at all. The adults and the kids all had so much fun together, and we all stayed up way too late almost every night 🙂 A lot of you on Instagram asked me where we stayed, so here’s the link to the house in Sapphire, NC. I highly recommend this house to everyone with a large group, because it was amazing! 
And prepare yourself for picture overload 🙂 
My little monkeys and I when we first arrived on Thursday. It was freezing on Thursday and Friday morning, but after that it warmed up to the high sixties and even low seventies on Saturday. 
I lived in these leggings and these boots (also here) the entire weekend. And this jacket was perfect for keeping me warm and cozy on Thursday and Friday. 
On Friday morning, we headed out to go tubing which was only 200 hundreds yards from the cabin. It was so nice to be able to walk back and fourth and not have to load everyone into our cars. 
I’m so disappointed that we never got around to taking any adult pictures, but we enjoyed many nights by the fire pit laughing and telling old stories. 
The kiddos LOVED the hot tub, and there was usually a few of them in there at all times.
What I wore on Saturday. It was a little chilly first thing, so we headed out to let the kids ski for the first time. Taylor hated it, and I could tell Carson did too, but his excuse was that it was boring 😉 

It truly was one of the best weekends ever, and I feel so blessed to have every single one of these babies and their parents in our lives. 

// And last, I wanted to share this terry convertible pullover that I wore yesterday. It is so comfy, and I love that it can be worn a few different ways. A lot of the sizes in the stripes are sold out, so I would grab one now if you want it and happen to see it in your size! And for reference, its runs a little big. I’m wearing the xs petite. 

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