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Aug 16, 2015




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Show of hands how many ladies are ready for the big Lilly Pulitzer Sale tomorrow morning?!?!?
I am sure most of you have shopped this sale for years now, and you all know how crazy it is!! But of you haven’t or even if you have here are a few tips to hopefully make your experience run a little more smoothly! 
** If you don’t have an account yet, go right now and set one up!! This will make your checkout much easier and faster! 

Huge new surprise!! My hopes it this will keep the site from crashing and make it more fair!! 

1. When you arrive at the site you will be placed in a virtual line. 

2. Items held in your cart are NOT reserved. They are only yours once you complete check-out! 
3. Once you check-out you will placed at the end of the virtual line!
**The sale starts tomorrow at 8 am EST time and it will end Tuesday at at 11:59 pm ET! So this year it is only two days!!
** Remember that shipping is free!! 

** Sizing is pretty spot on this year. I know they have added xxs in some of the styles, but in the rompers and most dresses I still stick with my xs. If it’s one of the more swingy dresses or tops I would size down. 

*Elsa tops in my opinion run big, if they are included in the sale I will grab the xxs. For reference I am usually a sm/xs or 0/2 in tops! 

*Shorts are running tts except for the side or back zip ones, I would go down one size in those! 

*Shoes they always run 1/2 bigger, especially the wedges! And they’ve pulled all the wedges, so my guess is they will be included in the sale!! 

Happy Shopping my loves, and I’ll be back in the morning (after school drop-off) to share all my favorites!! 

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  1. So wish I could ship this sale too!! x


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