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Hello loves and Happy Monday! 
It’s Lilly Pulitzer go time…….whoop whoop!!!
At 8am sharp, you will be able to shop all of the items below for the sale prices that I have listed. 
Enjoy the early sneak peek, and happy shopping, y’all! 
**Edited……. Phew, you guys I finally made it through the line, and I was able to grab LOTS of stuff! Everything I wanted and way more than I needed!!! And for those of you that are still stuck in the line, I thought I would make it easier for you when you do get there…….. Here’s a really good sneak peek of my favorites from the sale!!! 
Also, if you missed it yesterday, I posted a few tips that make shopping the After Party Sale Event easier here.

// Don’t forget, you can also shop the Lilly Pulitzer Sale at 6pm right now! And you can take an additional 10% off with the code BESTPICKS!

Lilly Pulitzer Carmel Dress – 60% off at 6pm! 
Essie Dress – On sale for $59
(Runs big, size down one size….I am wearing the xs) 

 Printed Tank Dress – On sale for $39!!

(Runs large so size down at least one size)

Ellie Tunic Dress – Normally $198.00 now $79.00
(Runs really big, size down….I’m wearing the xs)

Carla Dress – Normally $198.00 now $69.00
(Runs tts….I’m wearing the xs)

Seaview Halter Maxi Dress – Normally $248 now $79 //
 Girls Claire Combo Dress – Normally $68 now $24

Stacey Top – Normally $158 now $59!
(The Stacey top runs smaller than the Elsa, so go with your normal size on this one) 

Ali V-neck T-shirt – On sale for $24! 
Available in four prints on sale! 
Elsa Top – normally $138 now $54! 
(9 colors on sale)

Melle Tank Dress – Now $38.00!

And now for the Giveaways…….. 
To enter all you need to do is leave a comment and let me know what you snagged from the sale (or what you are hoping to snag)! The insulated beverage bucket, which is included in both giveaways, is truly one of the best things ever. And just in case you are wondering the amount of that E-gift card at the bottom, it’s $50 to buy anything your Lilly Pulitzer heart desires!! 

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  1. Unknown says:

    I love the Kinnon Sweater Wrap! I see it was part of the sneak peek email I got!

  2. Laura Hudson says:

    I hope to grab an Elsa blouse & maybe a little Lilly to match!

  3. Kimm says:

    This sale is always one I look forward to every year! Loving the Elsa top! Have a great week! Fingers crossed for the giveaway!! Xoxo

  4. Unknown says:

    I hope to snag a new Elsa top! I am a huge Lilly lover and love this sale! Happy Lilly shopping to everyone! So much cute new fall stuff I could use that gift card. 🙂 xox

  5. Sarah says:

    I'd love to get a couple of popovers!!

  6. Unknown says:

    I'm dying over that maxi dress and Elsa top!!!! Excited to shop the sale

  7. GideonGang says:

    Yasss! I wait all summer for this sale! I already have a bunch but hoping to score some more goodies for my girls and myself that I skipped out on before. I love me some Elsa tops! Cheers to scoring big!!

  8. The Essie dress is a must but I love everything!!

  9. Melissa says:

    i went to and got the Ali Dress in Multi Roar of the Sea and Carmel Dress!!!

  10. Unknown says:

    Hoping to snag some Elysa tops and some Elysa dresses! Love your blog and Instagram, thank you for sharing all of your tips!

  11. Unknown says:

    I'm hoping to snag an Elsa top for myself and some Lilly Shifts for my daughter.

  12. Unknown says:

    I'm hoping to snag a few beautiful white dresses to wear to my upcoming bridal showers and bachelorette party! Thanks!! Xoxo

  13. Hoping for some little Lilly shift for my girls and at least one Elsa top for me!

  14. Brittney says:

    Love the Ellie tunic dress

  15. Unknown says:

    Hoping for a new beach bag and maybe a white dress for my upcoming bridal shower!

  16. Unknown says:

    Lilly shifts for my granddaughter and a shifts for me and my girls!

  17. I got on 6 pm early! So easy, and most sizes still available! I got the Carmel dress and Beachcomber fringed dress. Waiting for 8 am now! ��

  18. Unknown says:

    Great giveaway! Hoping to get some white items for upcoming wedding showers and Marlowes as well!

  19. Julia Hoven says:

    Thanks for the great info on sizing! My wish list includes 3 Elsa tops, the Essie dress, and 2 shifts for my mini me

  20. Unknown says:

    My wishlist includes some popovers and shorts/skirts and tanks. I'd love to win the giveaway!

  21. Morgan says:

    Hoping to get an Essie and Minnie shifts!

  22. Unknown says:

    Wow Caycee! Such a great giveaway and so sweet of you to do. These sales are awesome! I am hoping to snag some good stuff today but mostly an Elsa top and Essie dress!

  23. JLacy says:

    Great post Caycee! I would love a new beach tote!

  24. Krista says:

    I am hoping for an Essie dress, a Rachelle dress, and some Little Lilly Shifts for my daughters! I would also love to snag some popovers for myself, my mom, and my mother in law!

  25. Unknown says:

    Seaview halter maxi!!

  26. Rachel Noyes says:

    hopefully getting a few Elsa tops for the fall!

  27. abby says:

    Another Elsa top or two 🙂 they are so easy to throw on and look put together

  28. Dee says:

    An Elsa blouse and perhaps one of those lovely new swing style dresses. Thanks for the chance to win.

  29. Unknown says:

    Thank you! I am hoping to pick up some dresses for my little girl that will be born in a few months!!

  30. Unknown says:

    Elsa blouse and tanks! Can't wait to see what you get 😘

  31. Meg H. says:

    I'm hoping to snag some Essies and Elsa!

  32. JMO says:

    Oh girl what a fabulous giveaway! I'm hoping to snag anything for myself and something for little miss A as well! Xoxo

  33. Unknown says:

    Hoping to snag some Essie blouses for sure and whatever else is left. Currently in line for more than an hour… :(.

  34. Unknown says:

    I'm hoping to get lots of Christmas gifts!!

  35. Unknown says:

    Hoping to grab some Elsa blouses and tank dresses! In virtual line now 🙂

  36. msusry88 says:

    Thanks for your tips! I'm hoping to grab some cashmere staples to get me through fall and some beach pants!

  37. Lisa says:

    Love the Elsa blouse.

  38. Sarah Brooke says:

    Hoping to snag some leggings for barre and would love the Harper dress & Enna top! Alway love the accessories section too! xo

  39. Lea Liz says:

    I am 12238 in line but hoping to get a popover , tank dress , and Ali Vneck tee shirt dress! Fingers crossed!

  40. Kim H. says:

    I would love to get an Elsa top!!

  41. Unknown says:

    I am really hoping to get my first Elsa top! I've wanted one forever, but you can't pass up that sale price! Hope it's still there when I make it through the virtual line. 🙂

  42. Unknown says:

    Hoping to get a little girl shift dress for my best friend who is having a little girl this fall! Still in line right now!

  43. Erica Walker says:

    I am crossing my fingers to get a navy blue shift dress, and an Ali Vneck!!

  44. Lacey says:

    There are 60,000 people waiting in front of me!!! I'm so sad 🙁

  45. Unknown says:

    Essie dresses were my purchases

  46. Kristen Brittingham says:

    I'm still in the queue! Hoping to get a tank dress and some mother/daughter dresses. Thank you!

  47. Unknown says:

    Got 4 dresses for my girls and checked out before I lost them! back in line!

  48. Unknown says:

    Im in line now, too I may or may not have taken my daughter early to school to do so : / lol Im hope to get my girls some dresses and maybe a transitional dress for end of summer/ fall and a Essie top. Thanks girl for the giveaway!

  49. Karen Stone says:

    What an awesome giveaway!! I'm hoping to get some Elsas!! Love your blog.

  50. Unknown says:

    I'm hoping to snag an Essie dress for me and Shift for my daughter!

  51. Susan says:

    I scored Callahan shorts for me and my daughter! Still waiting in queue on my phone and hope to get a dress this round!

  52. Laura says:

    I just got an Elsa and a Rachelle dress!

  53. Laura says:

    I just got an Elsa and a Rachelle dress!

  54. emcallister says:

    I got a dress and leggings for my daughter and an Zelda top for myself!

  55. emcallister says:

    Lol, Elsa top, not Zelda top 🙂

  56. Sarah P says:

    I have an hour wait still in the queue but when I get in, I hope to snag the Melle dress. I guess I'll have to spend the next hour actually working 🙁

  57. Emily says:

    Elsa tops and Melle dress:)

  58. Emily says:

    Elsa tops and Melle dress:)

  59. alisa says:

    Finally made it through!!! Got a few dresses for my daughter and two 3/4 dresses for myself 🙂 I'm excited to try again tomorrow morning!

  60. Kristi says:

    Hoping for an Essie dress and something cute for my daughters. Fingers crossed!

  61. Unknown says:

    The Elsa Top is so cute!!

  62. Unknown says:

    I'm so excited I purchase my daughter's first baby shift dress! I'm saving it for her first birthday party next June. Can't wait!!

  63. I'm hoping to snag some of the Ali V-necks – but, mostly want to get some cute dresses and pants for little one, Amelia.

  64. I wanted the Ali dress!

  65. cyavari says:

    Thank you so much for all of the APS tips! I got some baby shifts, an Elsa top, a pair of adie shorts and the Ali dress! And I'm sure I'll be back online tomorrow seeing if there's anything I missed!

  66. Unknown says:

    Elsa,elsa, elsa! 🙂

  67. Hoping to snag the Carla Dress! Love it! Elsa top and Essie shift!

  68. The King's says:

    WooHoo! I snagged the Essie dress and a few matching little Lilly items for my girls and nieces!!!

  69. Unknown says:

    I am in the virtual waiting line! Hoping to snag the Ziggy Romper and Camilla boat neck sweater 💓💓

  70. I am hoping to get an Elsa and a fun dress!

  71. SaraRuth says:

    I got two Lacey dresses for my mini and hope to snag some leggings tomorrow!

  72. Unknown says:

    Beach tote, overnight bag, melle dress, and beach cover up

  73. I got an essie top and dress and elsa top and 2 dresses for my girls!

  74. Katie says:

    I got mommy and mini dresses in Don't give a cluck!

  75. Jenna Hagen says:

    I got a girls dress and top I was hoping for a one piece swimsuit too but sizes were sold out hoping for new restock tomorrow!!

  76. KatiePerk says:

    I bought a dress for my daughter so we can match! I also scored a cashmere cardigan.

  77. Unknown says:

    I scored a new Elsa top!

  78. Renee CW says:

    I got an Essie dress! Yay 🙂

  79. Unknown says:

    I'm hoping for a new Elsa and some shorts!

  80. Anonymous says:

    Really wanting that Stacey top and hoping to get some dresses for my girls! Waiting in line now!

  81. Sonny says:

    I want the little girls Claire combo dress for my 2 & 5 year old!!!

  82. laura koone says:

    i got the marlowe boatneck tshirt dress and a luxletic swing tank top…so excited to get them in the mail!!

  83. Carissa says:

    Thanks for all the tips! I scored my first elsa top and a dress for my daughter!

  84. megan says:

    i've had my eye on the harper embellished tee dress. just love the little tassels!

  85. Beth Walker says:

    I grabbed and Essie top and buttercup shorts.

  86. kecmatthews says:

    Love the Essie dress!

  87. NK says:

    Got the Larina Shift, Eden A Line, and Marina t-shirt dress. Fingers crossed they all fit!

  88. Amy Bryant says:

    I snagged the Seaview halter maxi and 4 tanks!! (after waiting an hour and half, lol)

  89. Monica says:

    I got an Elsa top, and the Harlow dress, a Reagan and a mini Reagan for my mini me!

  90. Allyson Anderson says:

    Got the Essie dress, Essie top and a Claire little girls dress 🙂

  91. Ashley says:

    More Elsa tops!

  92. Anonymous says:

    I grabbed an Elsa top and 2 dresses! Back in line for more!

  93. Unknown says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  94. Unknown says:

    So many good things this year! I was able to grab and Elsa top and a few dresses for baby girl.

  95. Abby says:

    I think this is the best sale they've ever had! I was able to get an Elsa top and the Sofia dress and the Melle dress!

  96. KmbR says:

    I got a really cute dress for my little one.

  97. Erika says:

    I picked up the Reagan in happiness is. Such a great deal.

  98. I NEED that beverage cooler!

  99. I am pregnant with my first baby (a baby girl coming in December!) and I purchased 4 of the baby girl dresses! So excited!

  100. Alicia S says:

    This is by the far the best sale Lilly has had!!! I went through the line 3 times so far and was able to snag way more than I needed but I am most excited about 2 Elsa tops, Essie Dress and top and Brewster T shirt dress. Heading back in tomorrow to see what was newly added!

  101. Brandee says:

    I picked up the pink vest and the two Elsa blouses. Thanks for the great tips!

  102. Unknown says:

    I just snagged 2 baby Lilly shifts for my brand new sweet Niece Morgan, and an Elsa for myself!!

  103. Maggie says:

    I snagged an Elsa top! Planning to check back tomorrow morning as well!

  104. I snagged two dresses for Emery and 2 Elsa's and a tee for myself!

  105. Nancy says:

    Love love love the Elsa top and that pineapple necklace and tote bag are soooo cute! Thank you for the chance!!

  106. Ashley says:

    Hoping to grab the Harper Tee Dress! The pom poms are too cute!

  107. Unknown says:

    Hoping to grab the printed tank dress!

  108. Unknown says:

    Woohoo! I made three orders today. But I know I will kick myself later if I didn't. I love everything from Lilly. I bought several dresses and sweaters and a pair of shoes. I am scared as I think tomorrow there will be more sale stuff – I can't look!

  109. Nikki Poole says:

    I went through twice and snagged an Elsa top, a shift, a sweater wrap and dresses and shorts for my daughters. Thanks for the giveaway!

  110. Thanks so much just stocked up for myself and my 2 teens!!!!! Saved lots and spent lots lol

  111. Sam says:

    Holly tops to go with transitioning shorts into fall and a dress in Too Much Bubbly!

  112. Bought way more than I should have! ��
    I picked out the sleeveless Essie dress (because it looked so amazing on you!)
    I also picked up two sleeveless Essie tops and the Carmel printed tank dress (because that was also adorable on you!) can't wait to see how everything looks on. Crossing my fingers everything fits!

  113. catherine says:

    I grabbed the Loren short boatneck dress and your exact Carmel Printed Tank Dress! I can't wait to wear them – hope shipping doesn't take too long!!

  114. Unknown says:

    I got a new elsa, pop over and my nieces first little shift 🙂

  115. Unknown says:

    I purchased a cashmere wrap, tunic top, ruffle one shoulder in navy and another pair of the beach linen pants! The beach pants are a favorite staple for summer!

  116. jane says:

    hoping to get some shift dresses

  117. Unknown says:

    Hoping to get the Ellie tunic dress!

  118. Unknown says:

    I went in with all intentions to just get things for my little Sully girl and before I knew it I had just as much for me too when I checked out haha! Such a good one this year, I grabbed an Elsa, Ali dress, Essie dress in the one print I didn't have, a popover and more! Happy Shopping!

    Erin, Attention to Darling

  119. Thania says:

    I snagged the Ali dress and a few Elsa tops. Definitely going back for more!!!

  120. Danielle says:

    I got the Ellie tunic dress!! I loved it every since I saw it on your IG!! Also snagged an Elsa top! I was so excited to find lots in my size!

  121. Unknown says:

    I snagged a caftan channeling my inner Patricia from southern charm

  122. slm says:

    One piece bathing suit size 5- finally got on the site at 8:30 and there were issues! But the time I dropped off kids at school I missed it. Fingers crossed they add some more!

  123. kellygowen says:

    Hoping to get a fun shift dress for my vacation to Mexico!!

  124. Unknown says:

    Can't believe the prices!! I scooped up a coral tank top, a dusk racer back tank top, and a white dusk strappy lace dress!

  125. Unknown says:

    Thank you for doing these great giveaways!!

  126. Andrewsmama says:

    Hoping for the Essie dress!

  127. Unknown says:

    Was able to get the Matlowe Boatneck, Winward dress, a cardigan (Eda) and 2 sweaters for winter!

  128. Anonymous says:

    I love the Ellie tunic dress!

  129. Unknown says:

    I scored an essie, monterey, and lots of little lilly! they had a LOT of things on there this time which was so awesome!

  130. Unknown says:

    I snagged two elsas for me and lots of Mini Lilly for my girls! By far the best sale yet!

  131. Anonymous says:

    Hoping to grab a few Elsa tops and the popover pullover!!

  132. Pam Sz. says:

    So far all I got was the Holly top in pink.

  133. Unknown says:

    Lots of mini Lilly and elsas and essies.

  134. Unknown says:

    Lots of mini Lilly and elsas and essies.

  135. Jenn says:

    Bought two mini Lilly shifts and will probably buy more!

  136. Katie says:

    I loved so many things from this sale! I ordered 6 dresses, but I think is either the Cathy shift in Southern Charm or the Reagan in Multi Hibiscus Stroll!

  137. I got an Elsa top and a Monterey dress!!!!!!

  138. Caroline says:

    I am hoping for an Elsa top and shift dresses for my two girls!

  139. Unknown says:

    Hoping to get some dresses and tops!!

  140. I bought several dresses.

  141. Unknown says:

    I snagged several things but I think my favorite is the pink sun ray floral clip chiffon top! I'm also getting married in the spring so it was nice to get some white dresses for showers!

  142. Kim Burke says:

    I snagged a dress off the Lilly sale and another from 6pm (thank you!!) before my sick little love woke early from her nap. Definitely hoping to grab her some things later:)

  143. Heather says:

    I got the coral Elsa top and the Sanibel Tunic dress! It's always overwhelming but such a fun sale!

  144. millieme says:

    Lilly loot: Elsa top & shorts!

  145. Unknown says:

    Love the Elsa top to add to my collection!

  146. Unknown says:

    I was able to snag an elsa top in hot pink and aralyn shell eyelet shift

  147. Lauren says:

    I was able to get several little Lilly dresses for my little girl

  148. Allie says:

    I got shift dresses for my girls and Elsa tops for me :)!! Thanks for the info on the sale.

  149. Creighton says:

    Snagged an Arya tank, iPhone cover, Windsor strapless dress and two pairs of shorts for my daughters!

  150. Megan says:

    So excited! I got the cute cover up dress you have with the embroidery and tassels!

  151. Snagged some Calahan shorts today. Checking back tomorrow to see what else I might need!

  152. I want a Stacy top but not sure I'll actually purchase! I'm pregnant now so it's hard thinking it will be awhile before I can wear it!

  153. Sage says:

    Loving the Melle dress! Perfect for FL… except that I'm in Northen CA for the year… hmmm, to buy or not to buy?!

  154. Bought elsa tops and the linen beach pants!

  155. Unknown says:

    I got a few Essie tanks, some bracelets, a cardigan and tote. Can't wait to get them! And can't wait to see what's new on the sale tomorrow! Thanks for all your tips and pics!!

  156. Leah says:

    I got an Elsa, a cover-up for my honeymoon, and a dress for my rehearsal dinner!!

  157. Katherine McEwen says:

    Hoping to get another Essie dress and maybe an Elsa blouse

  158. I got a dress, skort, cell phone case and cosmetic case!

  159. Tess says:

    I got an Elsa top in "ohh la la"

  160. An Elsa and a tank dress! Awesome giveaway!

  161. Carolyn says:

    an Essie top, three dresses, and luxletic shorts!

  162. Kristin says:

    I've been wanting one of those coolers! I ended up getting a Cosmos sleeveless top. I wanted a dress, but they must have all sold out while I was at work!

  163. I got two Elsa tops & the Harlow tunic dress…and loaded up on little Lilly dresses!

  164. Unknown says:

    I ordered the Melle trapeze tank dress

  165. Kat says:

    I bought a few Essie tops and sweaters and a pair of buttercups that I thought had sold out. There seemed to be a ton of things in the sale this time.

  166. Unknown says:

    i basically live for this sale. I got in almost right at 8 am- I got an infant shift for my 20 month old, then 2 more dresses for her for next Spring and a bathing suit for next summer. Then I checked out, and waited foreeevvvveeerrr to get back in – I got 4 more outfits for her, a beach bag for myself and flip flops for myself. No outfits for myself because I crushed it at the nordstrom sale in large part bc of you 😉 I'll probably drink some wine tonight, watch some housewives and go back in…. eeeks

  167. Unknown says:

    Hoping for the Essie dress and the Melle tank dress!!!!

  168. Erin says:

    I bought some callahan shorts, minnie callahan shorts, a couple of Elsa tops, a few scarves (for my minnie and me), and tried a couple of different style dresses!

  169. Daniele says:

    Love the Brewster t-shirt dress! Thanks for the great suggestions and give-a-way! So fun! Love you and Love Lilly!

  170. PinkyJ says:

    I got some baby outfits, shorts, and a couple dresses! 🙂

  171. caycee says:

    This just made me lol!!! Love the snagged baby girl so much good stuff 😉

  172. Unknown says:

    I got two tops and a dress. So excited.

  173. Unknown says:

    I got 5 little girl dresses for our little one in the way and matching dresses for me!!!

  174. Alyssa H says:

    Hoping to get some luxletic gear!

  175. Megan says:

    I got a new Elsa top 🙂 love your blog!

  176. Unknown says:

    I scored the Essie dress, 2 shifts, an Elsa top, a beach bag, and shifts for my girls 🙌🏻

  177. I limited myself to one Elsa top!!

  178. A Clara Dress for vegas 🙂

  179. Kristin says:

    Woohoo, scored a bunch for my minis and the Ellie dress and printed shorts for me and 1 Elsa top! Will probably go back for more later, ha!

  180. Kelly says:

    I got a pair of your beloved beach shorts, as well as a shift for my daughter, a matching t shirt for me, and the Marlowe "Werk It" dress. I'm having a majorly lilac moment right now! 🙂

  181. Molly says:

    I love my Elsie dress and am thinking of another print. The pineapple necklace in your giveaway collage is the cutest!

  182. Unknown says:

    Some new Elsa tops!

  183. Tasha says:

    I have my eye on some of the dresses. All are too adorable…so hard to decide!

  184. Ash says:

    Oh I'm loving that Melle Tank Dress!


  185. Sarah McLeod says:

    the girls shift dresses ��

  186. tarheelmom says:

    Wanted some of the Walsh shorts and the pineapple necklace. Unfortunately, money went to school supplies! :(. Lol!

  187. Unknown says:

    I wanted the navy essie dress but it hasn't been added-boo hoo!!!!

  188. Kelsie Helton says:

    I grabbed an Essie tank top & another cute casual dress!

  189. Carissa says:

    The Ellie tunic dress is my fave!

  190. I just bought the Tate Eyelet Skirt!

  191. lala says:

    I think the printed tank dresses are perfect for work (with a cardi and some wedges) and play!

  192. Adrianne LaPorta says:

    I grabbed the Essie dress in barefoot princess. Already had the mint one – it's definitely one of their best casual dresses!

  193. I always love the travel cups! Makes my coffee taste even better! 🙂

  194. kellyr6615 says:

    I am SO excited about my purchases…I got two dresses on the first go around (Windward and Sanibel) and then went BACK in and got one of the Essie tops. So good! One of the best to date! 🙂

  195. Unknown says:

    Hey Caycee! I snagged multiple shorts, the Ali dress pictured above and a Sofia Lace Shift dress that is the perfect color scheme for USF football games! Love your blog! XOXO

  196. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for al the tips! I was able to score the Captiva tunic cover-up and the Essie top in peel and eat!!

  197. tara says:

    I grabbed one of the Colie tees, a scarf and a dress. Great sale!!

  198. Unknown says:

    I got the Essie top, an Essie dress (I love them, haha), two Sophies and a pair of Callahans. Super excited because I've had bad luck in the past with the sale!

  199. Unknown says:

    I got the lindamarie silk caftan in nice stems print for 79$!!!! so excited!!!!!

  200. Kendra A says:

    Stuck to my favorite "E" goodies – Elsa and Essie tops!

  201. Mia says:

    I stocked up on callahans for next summer and grabbed a few new shifts for work! Can't wait to get those shipping confirmation emails!

  202. Unknown says:

    I'd love one of the Harper embellished dresses! So pretty!

  203. I'm getting some Elsa tops & a Karlie Wrap Romper!

    ~ Kim Pincombe Cole

  204. Unknown says:

    It was a great sale! Scored a lot for my mom because she couldn't shop immediately! I scored the Essie Tank and dress, Callahans and Ginny dress for upcoming wedding events! Of course I keep going back to add more.

  205. Unknown says:

    I bought the Alli Dress, the Rochelle dress, an Essie top and poncho

  206. Unknown says:

    I bought the Essie top and a dress with long sleeves that is like a tee shirt dress. I also got a pop over or sweatshirt. Can't wait for them to come in the mail.

  207. Heather H says:

    Ordered two new dresses from the sale! Glad I waited until Tuesday morning for the new items and hardly any wait!

  208. Unknown says:

    Lucked out with getting the Essie Dress, and the Alyssa Trapeze Dress for my daughter! Fantastic Lilly Sale!

  209. Alison Rausch says:

    Lucked out with an Essie Dress and the Alyssa Trapeze for my daughter! Fantastic Lilly Sale!

  210. Thanks for the help!! I got way to much for my girls!! Love matching Lilly for my two daughters!!

  211. Unknown says:

    I scored a pretty Elsa top and tank top! So excited for my goodies to arrive. Thanks for sharing your faves here on your blog!

  212. Unknown says:

    I bought my mini me three dresses!

  213. Maureen says:

    Buttercup shorts, two tops, a scarf and some cute dresses for my little girl. Great sale!!!

  214. Patee Farley says:

    An Essie top and 2 dresses (hopefully to get me through all these fall weddings)!

  215. Anonymous says:

    I am LOVING the Maxi dresses! I was teaching all morning and managed to grab a top after school. I love Lilly Sale Days!

  216. I got a cute Elsa top and the Essie dress! So many good things to choose from 🙂

  217. sheila says:

    I bought an Essie. Such a great selection this year!

  218. Unknown says:

    I love Lilly!! I grabbed an Elsa blouse with flamingos, and Essie shirt, and some shorts. Such a great sale this year!!

  219. Unknown says:

    I was able to snag the Bryn cashmere cardigan and the Colie nice stems t shirt
    I'm my first order. Then I snagged an Essie top, a dress and the striped Flagler sweater in navy. I found three dresses and a cardigan for my daughter, who's name coincidentally is Lily! ❤️

  220. Joanna says:

    I picked up a little shift for my dayghter, the aTia jumpsuit and 2 dresses!

  221. Ann says:

    Finally got an Elsa!! Love all of your picks!

  222. allyson says:

    I snagged some duval tops and Georgia mays

  223. Rusthawk says:

    I love the Elsa tops!


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