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Aug 17, 2014




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Hey ladies! I am sure most of you know the Lilly Sale is starting on Monday morning at 8am so
I thought I would share a few tips with you guys on how to get things you want before they sell out!!
ONE // Create your account now if you don’t already have one. You can do that here and it’s so easy. This will save you time at checkout to ensure you get the items in your cart.
TWO // Be there as soon as it starts or as soon as you can be!! I may be a few minutes late myself tomorrow as I will be dropping my little man off for his first day of kindergarten. Sniff sniff! But really, as most of you probably know things go fast!!
THREE // Check out as many times as you need too. Don’t spend too much time picking everything you want before you hit purchase. If there is an item you KNOW you want, put it in you cart and checkout!! Shipping is free so it doesn’t matter how many different times you do this. 
FOUR // Keep checking back during the two days because they have been known to re-stock sizes and add new items!!! 
FIVE // As you know this only happens twice a year and prices never go this low otherwise so have FUN and grab lot’s of goodies!! 
I sure hope they bring the Elsa top back as I will definitely be grabbing this in a few more colors!!! For sizing reference this is an XS and I still have plenty of room so size down!

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