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Dec 3, 2013




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So this post was suppose to be all about our Thanksgiving weekend, but my brain is taking it elsewhere. Still about our weekend, but also about really living in the moment.
Do you find this as hard as I do? Being a woman and a mom I feel it makes it that much harder. We have to wear so many faces from wife, mother, cook, calendar planner and everything between . If something needs to be done we handle it, and the control freak in me is perfectly okay with that. But I struggle so much with letting it go and just living in the moment. I want to be better at this. I need this, my kids need this, my husband needs this. Todd tells me all the time, “Can you not cut your brain off for a second and just relax and enjoy what is happening right now in this moment”. Well, a few times this weekend I did this. Okay maybe only once, but it felt so good.  I want to do it more, I would love to turn my crazy spinning brain off at least once a day. So tell me, am I alone in this? Got any tips on how to be better at enjoying the moment, instead of being a million different places in your head?
Here was my moment…………….
My babies faces when Todd put the lights on our Christmas tree. They were so happy and Taylor was in such awe when Todd plugged it in. It was so sweet and so magical. It brought back the child in me, and memories of how special and fun Christmas really is. I love my little family so much, and want to make sure that I have a whole bunch of memories just like this.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Fabulous looking tree. We've had ours up for a little over 1 week. We do artificial, due to kids and hubby allergic to real. I miss having a real tree. Love the smell of a real tree 🙂 Happy Tuesday !

  2. Great pictures and memories! I also struggle with being in the moment and had my own inner-struggle with it over the weekend. My husband says that it stems from me being a control freak and total type A! It's sad and frustrating to me that I can't turn it off!!

  3. So sweet! Yes, I also have difficulty shutting down my control freak brain and living in the moment. There's always something else that needs to be done, etc. Let's talk about those moccasins of yours….

  4. I think every mum faces this challenge . . . I know I do on a daily basis and I hate when people say "enjoy it now because they grow up so fast!" it just totally stresses me out more BUT I have found that if I make a mental note of "STOPPING" for a moment and letting the kitchen sit in chaos for 5 minutes while I sit in front of the fire with my girls or do that jigsaw puzzle with them I feel amazing and the world doesn't stop . . . it's hard but put a sticky note on your fridge to remind you (cheesy but it works) xoxo love your blog

  5. Jodi says:

    I feel this way too. I'm always thinking of things that need to be done rather than just enjoying the moment. Our kids are only young for so long. They aren't going to want to play with me forever. Hope we can get to the point of living in the moment.

  6. Sarah Vicars says:

    I'm right there with you. I totally understand what you're talking about. I have to constantly remind myself to take a deep breath and let all that "stuff" that gets in the way of enjoying my family go. Honestly I don't do it enough. There is always this constant pressure of feeling like I have to do all this stuff but really is it necessary? Thanks for reminding us to slow down and enjoy. Your pics say it all! Precious!

  7. Alexa says:

    Christmas is a whole new world with kids. Seriously seeing my daughter so excited makes ME so excited!

  8. Brandi says:

    I was you a few months ago. Working full time as a teacher, all 3 kids playing sports…busy all the
    time and I was going insane and I was crabby!!!! I decided to hire a house cleaner once a week and it has made a world of difference. I can now relax and enjoy my kids a bit. YEAH

  9. Unknown says:

    My 3yo was so sweet when he saw our tree all finished. He laid on his stomach with his chin in his hands in front of it and just gazed…it's so important to cherish these little wonderful people and the awe and innocence in their eyes…your family is so precious – enjoy every moment!


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