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Mar 2, 2015




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Happy Monday y’all! You know, I always try to wake up on Monday as motivated and positive as possible, but in reality, this ecard is how I really feel about it;)  I hate saying goodbye to the weekends! 
Our weekend was pretty laid back.  The weather was really yucky, so we spent most of our time inside. 
We did, however, make it to church on Sunday.  We decided we wanted to go back to our old church, which is the one we went to when we first moved here.  If I am being honest, after Taylor was born, we kinda got out of going regularly.  Todd and I both agreed that it felt good to be back!
This dress that I wore Sunday is one of my favorites and it’s on major clearance right now in this stunning blue color! So soft and comfy!  Loving my rice bead necklace, it goes with everything! 
After church we had an amazing brunch at one of our favorites spots, The Med.  I usually choose either Saturday or Sunday to indulge and this weekend it was Sunday!  Recently, I’ve had a few of you email me asking about my workout/diet routine so I am planning on trying to get all that together this week or next!  I wish I was one of those girls that could eat whatever she wanted and stay slim, but that’s just not the case!  Yo, the struggle is real! 
I love the realness of this brunch picture….Peppa Pig drawings, bruised and battered Mickey, and a side of chocolate chip pancakes and french toast!  I had the chicken and waffles with tabasco honey!!
After brunch, we came home, changed into our comfy clothes, and all piled in our bed. We watched Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. 
It was the cutest movie….one for the entire family!  Carson and I rocked out our Ninja Turtle shirts! I knew when I spotted this sweatshirt I had to grab it, and y’all, it’s so, so soft.  I’m thinking maybe I should get this Mickey one and give Taylor a good laugh too! If you guys missed all my Forever 21 picks this weekend, check them out here
Insomnia and your phone in bed are never a good combination. Or, maybe they are:) You are NOT going to believe all the fabulousness I discovered at this store!!!! I shared all my favorite rugs from Urban yesterday, so if you missed it, check them out here!!  I swear this isn’t sponsored, I am just dying at all the good things and the prices;) 
Let’s begin with how this all started, shall we?!  I Googled ‘inappropriate birthday’ candles and up popped these!  I wanted something funny for my friends and their upcoming birthdays…aren’t they hilarious!?!?! You must check out the party section and bar section…best I’ve ever seen!! 
I mean, have you ever!?!?  Might just be the cutest t-shirt dress I’ve ever seen!!  Plus, it comes in three different colors!! 
The scallop goodness does not stop here though……..

I have searched high and low for this color combination and finally I found it!! 

Love at first sight with these beauties!! I want two of these to hang on our upstairs porch! 

I mean, just stop!!  How cool would this be in a half bathroom?!

Last, if you are in need of a good pool bag or just an everyday ‘kid friendly’ bag, you should check out Hayden Reis.  They are currently running a 20% off sale (that never happens with them).  We LOVE our bag so much and can’t wait to use it all summer!!  Use code NEWSITE to save!

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  1. megan says:

    Have you ever designed your own tennis shoes with Nike ID? No joke, girl, I have white snow leopard Nikes with silver and HOT PINK accents! They are my absolute favorite. A little pricey, but mine have lasted me over a year (obviously I don't work out enough but that's another story..!)

  2. Jillian says:

    love love the pink and blue new balance sneakers! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  3. Ah now that's my kind of weekend! I love all the scalloped pieces and the blue and pink trainers are gorgeous, I wonder if I can get them here! X


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