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May 13, 2014




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The sun is shining and summer is in full swing!! I am one happy girl!!!  There are some things that I am loving right now, so I thought I would share!
* I took these pictures the other day of Carson and Taylor. It was one of the happiest moments, they were laughing so hard and their giggles literally brought me to tears. These may be my new favorite pictures .

* I know I mention Lilly Pulitzer quite a bit on here, but Lordy they have me drooling this season!! I can tell it’s going to be a Lilly summer!! Bonus, they have the fastest shipping ever, plus it’s free, right along with their returns!!!
Talk about white dress heaven!! And don’t even get me started on this maxithis dress, and these shorts (hello elastic waistband)!!! 
*This Metallic Spotted Lucite Box is just calling my name. I am in need of a pretty box for my earrings and bracelets, and I think this one would be just perfect!
* The fact that peonies are now gracing the presence of almost every room in my house!!!
They make me so happy, I just smile every time I walk by them! 
*This perfect candle! I can’t decide if I love it more for the quote or the beautiful porcelain jar. Plus, I hear they smell nice too, that’s what the reviews said anyway 😉 
 And what’s a Love post without an adorable little romper!! I need this one in my life!!!

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  1. JMO says:

    loooving Lilly's new arrivals lately and that candle?? Great addition to my home! (your home is swoon-worthy love as well as those babes!) xoxo

  2. LOVE it all, this post put a smile on my face!

  3. Christina says:

    that romper!!!!

  4. The pictures of Taylor and Carson are so adorable. I'm an only child and one of my favorite things is to hear the conversations my boys have together. And elastic waist Lilly shorts – I could actually manage that this summer!! Yay!

  5. Cassandra says:

    Love those smiles! The swing? Where is it from? I love it. You always have such great taste.

  6. The photos on the hammock are absolutely darling! And thanks for reminding me that Peonies are in bloom….need to scoop some up! They are my favorite!

  7. Sarah says:

    those pictures of your kids are so sweet! definitely need to be in a frame!
    and that candle? so cute!

  8. BeachGypsy says:

    The sun is shinning? Might want to fix that….LOL LOL LOL Laughing kids are so fun aren't they?

  9. Tessa says:

    need to know more about that hammock! source?

    and such sweet moments captured in those pics.


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