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Nov 11, 2015




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So, this past weekend I finally got around to cleaning out my makeup drawer.  Holy makeup hoarder you guys, I am way too embarrassed to show you what a mess it truly was!  But, point being, this enabled me to finally get around to showing you exactly what I wear on a daily basis.  I may switch up a lip color or an eyeshadow every once in a while, but these are my tried and true favorites, and they are what you will catch me wearing 98% of time 😉 
(Note – this post is not sponsored in any way, I obviously just love Clinique and BareMinerals)
Right now is the perfect time to grab Clinique being that they have their bonus going on!  It’s such a good one this time around.  It also includes my favorite mascara and face wash! 
Foundation and Concealer  

I have tried so many foundations and concealers over the years, and these are the two I come back to every time!  The moisture surge compact is very light and hydrating, and I feel like it keeps my powder on all day long.  It doesn’t have that greasy feeling like I find in most liquid foundations.  And I still love the original BareMinerals powder the best, it provides great coverage without looking too thick, and the kabuki brush is amazing for applying this powder. 
(And yes y’all I am already burning my favorite holiday candle, I couldn’t help myself ha) 
Blush and Bronzer 
Bronze Trio  // Bronzer brush // Blush One (smoldering plum) // Brush //

If you told me I could only leave the house with one thing on my face, I would pick my blush and bronzer every time!  I just feel so much more alive and look much more awake with blush on 😉  These two blushes are by far my favorite and I mix them together everyday.  First, I apply the Clinique blush, then I swipe over the Jane Iredale for the perfect color and light shimmer.  I use the two darker bronzers more in the summer, but all year long, I use the middle one on the center of my nose and under my eyes. 

Eye Liner (12) // Lid Smoothie (Bit o’ Honey)// Shadow (strawberry fudge) // Mascara one // Mascara two // Brow pencil (soft brunette)

The Giorgio Armani eye liner is the best I have ever used, it goes on so smooth and stays all day. I don’t always put on eyeshadow, but I never leave with my lid smoothie. And as far as mascaras go, I like to apply the bareMinerals one first and the high impact over that. During the day I will usually only use one or the other, but at night I like to apply both for a more dramatic look.

Nudes –  Liner  (empowered) // Lipstick (only available in this set) // Gloss (sparkplug)

Reds- Lipstick  (chunky Cherry) // Gloss  (game changer) 

It’s true I LOVE lipstick! On most days I toss on my nude or pink colors. But at night I love a bold red look, especially with the holidays around the corner! I highly highly recommend this gloss set, as it is filled with 6 gorgeous colors for you try! 

Pinks-  Lipstick one (pink in devotion) // Liner One (crushed berry) //  Lipstick Two (never say never) // Liner two (perfect pink) // Gloss (hot shot)

And even though this has nothing to do with makeup, I have to share with you guys this sweater I wore yesterday! You will not believe the quality for $26, and size down as it runs big! 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I've always loved Clinique however I recently purchased my first Lancome Mascara and it's the best ever !!! Love seeing what you wear for make up it's great to get new ideas.

  2. I love that sweater and I agree. Clinique had the best mascara!


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