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Feb 5, 2010




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Wow I cant believe that I have not posted since Carsons birthday! We have had a pretty rough week at the Hewitt house this week! All I can say is praise the Lord my husband owns his own business and works from home 🙂 Not what he would probably say right now after taking care of me and little man all week! I woke up Sunday morning feeling terribly nausea’s and just icky! I know the first thing I though too…… let me start googling “hit men in Charleston SC ” because If I’m pregnant I’m killing my husband!!!! Turns out he is going to survive I just had the stomach bug, and so did Carson! We are feeling much better now, and I cant wait for a much needed weekend away with some of my favorite people! It is my BFF in the whole wide worlds Bachelorette party, and I’m so excited! I’m ready to laugh so hard I feel like I did a 30 min ab workout, dance like a rock star or at least the rock star I once thought I was (before childbirth and saggy boobs), and stay up late reminiscing on all of our high school days together! I love you girls and cant wait to see you all! Please pray for my husband and Carson that they make it without me, and I don’t kill both of them for turning my house upside down over the weekend! PS a special thanks to my husband for being such a wonderful daddy and keeping little man with a little touch of Diarrhea still lingering, so mommy could have some much needed girl time!!

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  1. KJJ Houston says:

    ha ha hit man! Funny 🙂 I would so be doing the same thing! Love being a mom, but not of two just yet 🙂 Im hosting a b-shower as well in a few weeks and can.not.wait!! Daddy daycare! Wahoo 🙂

  2. Bless your hearts we had that too! Not fun at all!!


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