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May 9, 2013




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So Todd has been asking me non stop what is something that I want for Mothers Day? Can you believe I can not think of one thing? Sure I could come up with a lust list full of items, but none of it I really need. It just seems silly to tell him to look at my blog and pick something, I am totally capable of hitting that checkout button myself. So I told him I would like for me, him, and the babies to take a little weekend trip away. Just the four of us. Because on Mothers day we will be visiting and celebrating our wonderful mothers and then traveling back home. So I am thinking maybe in a few weeks we should take a little trip. Nothing fancy, though I would like to be near the ocean. Just some good ol’ family time away from home. Is it weird that I love staying in hotels?
On another note my mom was very easy this year and asked for this candle. I had it burning in the bathroom at Taylor’s party and everyone commented on the smell. It’s one luscious smelling candle ya’ll! I burned the entire candle that day, so I am in need of a replacement.(so yeah maybe I want this for mothers day too;)
So what are you getting your sweet mama for mothers day?

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  1. LuLu says:

    I need to try that candle. They have been all the rage around blogs this year.

  2. LuLu says:

    It is not weird that you like to stay in hotels – as long as they are amazingly clean and by the ocean 😉


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