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Feb 25, 2021




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Hello friends, and happy Thursday!  I hope you are all having a great week so far!  Baby Reese has slept through the night all week and I truly feel like a new woman! 

I am also so excited to finally share all of my favorite baby products, toys, and some of my favorite clothing brands. 

Silicone Grip Baby Plate

If you have a toddler, order this plate right this second!  This one is the real deal, but before I ordered this plate I picked up a cheaper one at Target and the suction didn’t work at all.  After that, I did a little online searching and found this one, and it’s been awesome!  It is super easy to clean and stays in place no matter how hard little miss Reese tries to toss it off the counter 🙂 

This will definitely go down as one of the of the best baby items I’ve ever purchased.  I love that Reese gets to sit at the table with her brother and sister, and I also love that I don’t have a bulky highchair in our kitchen.  The brand we have is no longer available, but this is the one that replaced it and it looks almost identical except for the handles being gray. 

These are awesome and they fit perfectly in Reese’s little hands.  We’ve tried giving her a bigger fork and spoon, but these work so much better and she actually get food in her mouth with these. 

Re-Play No Spill Cups

Three kids later and I feel like I have pretty much tried every single sippy cup out there, but these are hands down my favorite!  They do not leak at all, they’re easy to clean, and I love all the soft colors they come in. 
This snack cup is so much better than the plastic ones and I love that it has a lid to keep her snack from getting stale. 

I am pretty sure that if you have a baby you know how amazing this stuff smells.  It also leaves Reese’s skin so soft as well! 

This is Reese’s little chair that you guys have probably seen her sitting in.  She likes to watch her morning Cocomellon show while eating her puffs every morning. 

This brand has been one of my favorites for a long time now.  The quality of this brand is amazing, plus, it looks and feels much better than the price. 
This set below and this set are my favorites for baby headbands.  Reese still has wild, baby fine hair, and she can’t wear a bow so these are perfect and they don’t slide off of head!

This is Todd’s favorite outfit on Reese, and I’ve got to admit, she does look pretty adorable in it.  The quality is great, and it also washes and dries so well. 

These tights are the best, and you cannot beat six pairs of tights for $24!! 

We got Reese this doll for Christmas and she absolutely LOVES it.  She has a few other ones as well, but this one is definitely her favorite! 

She also got this stroller for Christmas, and over the last month she has really started to play with it.  She can barely reach the handles so it is so fun to watch her on her tip toes pushing it around. 

If you have kids, I’m sure at some point you had ones of these.  Carson and Taylor both loved theirs so I knew I had to get one for Reese, and just like the other two, she loves it! 

I think I may have shared this before on my Instastories, but this was one of Reese’s first toys she was really interested in and she still loves it! 

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