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Jul 23, 2013




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So I know I’ve already told y’all about the awesome Nordstrom Anniversary sale going on right now. But it wasn’t until Monday that I actually had time to go through it all, and see what we couldn’t live without for fall.  I know it’s so hard to even think about fall with it being hot as hell outside! But I sat down and made myself, because I know these prices wont last long, and the reality is fall is not far away! Plus umm North Face never goes on sale and my babies have no jackets for the coming season. And I could not possibly pass up mini Joe’s for $28.00!!
Here are my picks for my family. Well except poor Todd, I didn’t have time to browse the men’s section. Sorry hun!
For Me:
For Taylor:
For Carson:

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  1. Great picks! I am totally scooping up the little boy and girl jackets! I wouldn't have even known about them if you didn't post!!

  2. Unknown says:

    Thank you for posting! I just ordered that pink North face jacket and some for the kiddos as well. Great deals!

  3. Lauren says:

    We have the same taste in clothes! I love all of the clothes that you post (especially the maxi dresses in prior posts) – plus, I have a one-year old daughter and would buy everything on this list for her! Thanks for the recommendations, and I especially appreciate that you give a good range of affordable and not-so-affordable options!


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