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Sep 10, 2012




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So after my woe is me post, I got a lot of sweet heartfelt comments and emails. They all made me feel so much better, and made me start to think I am pretty normal after all.
One in particular made me really think, thanks Julia for your inspiring words of wisdom. (she is one of those mamas who just really rocks my socks off, and who I totally adore). So I knew her advice would not steer me wrong.
She suggested to pick 5 things and just focus on those. So I have thought really long and hard about my top 5 things, and here they are.
God…….. he has to be number one, and I have fallen short on letting him be lately. This is going to change.
My Husband……..”Poor Todd” the famous quote from all my friends 🙂 I really love this man more than life itself, but unfortunately he gets the short end of the stick most days. He is such an amazing person, and I really need to show him some love more often!  
My Kids…….. they are soooo important to me, and at the end of the day I have to know that I am giving them my all. The days are long, but the years are short. I think about this often, and it really could not be more true. I never want to look back and wish I would have made them those cute cutout sandwiches instead of being clued to the computer. (that was just a funny example that popped on my head).
Cleaning…… Yes for me this is number 3. I just feel better when I have a clean organized home. It makes my entire day run so much more smoothly. I mean the dishes done, the laundry done, and all the beds made daily. This is a big one, and takes up a lot of my time, but for me it has to be done for my “happy me”.
Fitness…… another time bugler for sure, but a must in my happiness. I just gotta get her done! You all know all the reasons for this one, no need to explain!!  
So have you ever thought about your top 5? If so I would love to know what they are 🙂

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  1. Unknown says:

    Your Top 5 are pretty much the same as mine…except I'd probably switch the Fitness and Cleaning around! 🙂 xoxo…and work, well unfortunately that would be next…it DOES pay the bills!

  2. donna says:

    Love this post. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Julia Ryan says:

    Good for you mama! I bet you are rocking the socks off those five things this week! You will have a strong relationship with God, a happy husband, happy children, a healthy body and a clean house. What else are you expecting yourself to accomplish???? Those things are MAJOR!!! And you will love keeping tabs on them. The other stuff will float in and out and you will a lot it the limited time it deserves! And of course LOVE that you added girlfriends. Without them, those other five might never get done!

  4. Stefanie says:

    Love your Top 5! Always good to keep them in your pocket!


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