My Top Ten Pool And Beach Essentials 2021

May 26, 2021




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Collapsable Beach Wagon With Folding Table and Cup Holders 

This is the beach wagon that we ordered last year, and I can not sing it praises enough!!! It rolls so well through the sand, holds everything you could possibly need, and has a table so you can set up your lunches and snacks while on the beach! 

 Lightweight Insulated Backpack Cooler 

This looks awesome especially if you have your hands full like we do with three kiddos! And this would also be awesome to have just for picnics or camping as well. Not to mention it has over 7,000 five star reviews and it’s currently on sale for $36!!  

4 Pack Stripe Towel 

These are the beach towels that I purchased about two months ago, and we are obsessed! They wash and dry so well, are super soft and big, and the kids love them way better than the microfiber ones we bough last year! 

Solimo Baby Sunscreen 

This brand has quickly become one of my favorites for a lot of our household and personal care needs! It works just a well if not better than most of the name brand items but for a fraction of the cost! 

Waterproof Washable Reusable Wet Bags 

I just ordered these to hold our wet swimsuits after we leave the beach. We usually always pack the kids an extra changing of clothes because we always go out to lunch or dinner close to the beach, and these will be perfect to toss all the wet swimsuits in! 

Instant Baby Tent With Pool 

We are planning our first beach day of the season this Saturday with all three kids. I haven’t ordered this yet, because I want to see how it goes with Reese being super mobile. But I would have loved to have this last year for her, and I may even order it this year if she ends up napping on the beach. I love that it’s portable, has a mosquito net, and travel bed all in one! 

Ultralight Backpack Low Beach Chair 

There are SO many things that I love about these chairs!!! They are lightweight and you can toss them on your back, They lean back and sit low to the ground which I love for the beach, they have a cup holder, and the price is great! These would also be perfect for camping, sports games, and any other outdoor event! 

Kan Jam Original Toss Game Beach and Outdoors 

This game looks SO fun, and I know Carson and Todd would have a blast playing it on the beach. And it also looks super easy to pack with just a few pieces! Added bonus it’s on special right now for $29! 

Weekender Beach Bag With Zipper and Inner Pocket 

You guys know I love my blue stripe beach bag SO much, but this is another fun option if you’re looking for something just a little bigger! Plus I do really love all the fun prints and designs they have available in this one too! 

Collapsable Sand Bucket With Beach Toys 

You can never have too many sand toys right?! I feel like we end up getting a new set every year because we always end up loosing pieces. I just ordered this one and it will be here on Friday, I am hoping it will keep Reese entertained! Also, the price is so good at $15 and it comes with a mesh bag to wash the toys off before you leave the beach.  

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  1. Kelly says:

    Oooh, these are good finds!! I love the idea of the mesh bag to rinse off sand toys – brilliant! How does the Solimo sunscreen feel on your skin? We've been going the cheap aerosol spray route lately (because we practically live at the beach now!) but I HATE the greasy film it leaves on my skin. I need to find backpack chairs that fit our girls (ages 4 & 6). They've gotten spoiled with stealing our adult size ones but it's still a pain to try to lug more than one per person (and the girls aren't quite big enough to carry their own!).

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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