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Jan 16, 2014




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Hello from my phone! Y’all my internet went down yesterday!!!! I mean I angrily called Comcast and let them know it needed to be fixed ASAP!! I may have got so mad that yelled really loudly this is unacceptable I am a SAHM blogger, and I must have the internet!! Yeah, they didn’t give a shit and told me it would still be Friday afternoon before they could come out and fix it!! Ugh the nerve 😉 So sadly It will be next Monday before we chat again.

I am off to Florence to see the dentist and drop my kids off for the weekend. Don’t get too jealous though, Todd and I plans to clean out the garage, and organize all the closets!! Whoop whoop!

Xoxoxo so happy early weekend!

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  1. Happy kid free weekend! Sleep in for me!!! I definitely won't be! 😉

  2. Unknown says:

    Ugh I HATE Internet issues…the worst…I feel like, lost. Sad, right? P.S. Comcast sucks, I always hear about their outages. Way too much money to pay for that!

  3. We have days like that too where we drop our little on off so we can paint a room or tackle the garage. In fact, we are needing one of those soon. Sorry about your internet.

  4. Unknown says:

    Internet issues are a blogger's worst nightmare. There are way too many things that deserves to be blogged about and catch up on, and you're forced to miss it due to an internet connection gone wrong. I hope they got yours fixed! Take care!

    Jannette Britt @ TLink Broadband Services


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