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Jun 22, 2015




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// Last week was such an emotional week.  What happened here in Charleston was so tragic, heartbreaking, and senseless.  My heart was, and still is, so heavy and sad for the families of the victims, but what I have watched our incredible city do over the last few days has had me crying tears of joy and feeling God’s touch.  “United we stand, Divided we fall.”
// Yesterday we celebrated this amazing daddy.  As rough as the 6am wake up call was on Sunday, I was so excited and happy to see my little family. 
Todd, thank you for not only being the amazing father that you are, but for showing our children (and their mama) what unconditional, selfless love looks like.  I love this man so much my heart could burst. 
And thank you to my daddy for teaching me to give it my all, showing me how a lady should be treated, and loving me unconditionally.  I love you so much daddy and wish I could see you more often. 
// Girl time is good for the soul.  I can’t really explain how truly blessed I feel to have these girls in my life.  We laughed (a lot), we cried, we danced, we sang, and most nights we talked until the sun came up.  I have a bond with these girls that I know can never be touched, and that is something truly special. 
Picture overload, but I want to remember all the memories we made.

We met some of the nicest people ever.  Saturday night we went to a little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant, and ended playing some fun games with some of the locals.  Seriously, everyone we met in Jacksonville was super sweet and so friendly. 
We had a night out dancing and stayed up way too late 😉 
We watched the most beautiful sunset on the boat. 

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  1. Caitlin says:

    Hi! LOVE your pink dress…where is that from?

  2. Laura says:

    What a perfect Girls Weekend!

  3. Unknown says:

    I live right around the corner in San Marco! Although a total hole in the wall – La Nop is the BEST! XO

  4. Unknown says:

    Charleston has been in my prayers! Such a beautiful City and God has really brought everyone together during this tragic event. You have such a beautiful family! It looks like your trip was so much fun. It's nice to take a break and be young and have fun! Xx

  5. calvinewers says:

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  6. Unknown says:

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Girl trips are some of the best ! Love all the photos !


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