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Nov 19, 2013




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My heart aches so much for my sweet neighbor/friend. They just found out their sweet little boy’s cancer is back. I can not even imagine the pain. I tear up every time I even think about it. They need our prayers so bad, so please pray for this special family.
We know you can beat this Mighty Mack.
We had a wonderful, busy weekend. We attended the most beautiful wedding. The view at the reception was breathtaking. As usual I had way too much fun, and I am playing catch up to get my energy back.
Way too much fun!
I am dying over these baby Uggs my mom just ordered Taylor for Christmas! I mean really why don’t they make these in my size? 
I am struggling as far as the gym goes these days. You know when you’re just “not feeling it”. That is where I am right now. Ugh I have to change mindset on this stat! It always helps to get new workout clothes right? I’ve heard rave reviews on these pants, and I am dying to try them. Plus I am really digging the gray color and the mesh inserts. Totally reminds me of my lululemon ones!
And last because this is too funny and so too true!

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  1. So sad for your friend that breaks my heart. Saying a big prayer for them. Love the Uggs

  2. Jodi says:

    I am saying a prayer for that little boy. It really puts life in perspective.
    (Love those little Uggs.)

  3. Unknown says:

    Wow…prayers for his strength and his fight go out to him…and prayers for his parents's strength and understanding in such a hard time. I could not imagine. Hard to comment on anything else in this post with that at the forefront…big perspective, especially with the holidays coming up…our greatest gifts are our family and loved ones.

  4. Keely says:

    Sending prayers to your friend and to that precious little boy. Love the Uggs & I'm going to have to stalk those pants…this momma needs some motivation too.

  5. Julia Ryan says:

    Sending big prayers out for your friend and their son. So sad. Love the Uggs. I literally live in mine when it's so cold here and I have to force Wells to put them on. She likes shoes that sparkle she says. Might have to go with the golden ones next to lure her in!

  6. Mary Loyal says:

    Where do you go to the gym? I am in the market for a new fitness start in Charleston!

  7. elisabeth says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Mighty Mack. There is nothing more terrifying that your child being sick.
    And that quote about shopping with children is hilarious. I also like the one that says "cleaning house with kids around is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos".

  8. allegra says:

    That shopping with kids thing is so hilarious. And so true. I'm so sorry about that little boy who is your friend. That is so sad!!!!


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