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Aug 15, 2017




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Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday!! 
Some of you may remember a few weeks back when I shared that I was getting our home “photo ready” for a fun shoot on Instastories. 
Well, I can finally share that the fun shoot was for Houzz.com! I cannot describe how giddy I was when I received an email from one of their editors, Margaret Wright, letting me know that Houzz wanted to feature our home along with a full article on their website. 
If you guys are interested in seeing a few more pictures of our home, and also reading a little more about the building process (and a few personal snippets) then you can check it out here! I am so happy with all the pictures, and it was also fun for Todd and I to read the article together this morning. We had some laughs and I may have even shed a tear thinking to myself how excited I am to finally call the place I’ve dreamed of living in for so long ‘home’. I’m looking forward to many years and making a lot of memories with my family in this home sweet home. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is amazing! Congratulations and well-deserved! You have a gorgeous home. http://www.thebohobeachbabe.com

  2. JMO says:

    Allllll the heart eyes! Love it!

  3. Awesome! I met Margaret right before we sold our last house and she's so great! Your house looks amazing!

  4. Renee says:

    You have a beautiful home, and it is obvious that it makes you very happy, as it should!! I was just curious if your husband's style or things were incorporated into the house at all. This is often an issue when it comes to designing home interiors for couples. Do you plan to install a "man cave" at some point, or is that just something he just isn't interested in? I know I wish I could get rid of all of my husband's sports memorabilia and bobbleheads, but that is just not happening… so at least we can contain it all to our basement and he gets his own "room."

  5. Totally gorgeous friend, love your beautiful home x


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