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May 19, 2014




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We seriously had the best little getaway ever!! It was just what the soul needed! We swam, we rode bikes, we shopped, we watched movies, and we ate… a lot!!! 
The hotel we stayed in, the Andall blew our socks off! It was insane, and the service was an A++! I felt like we were at some 5 star resort, and we were only 25 minutes away from home! 
The decor was unlike any hotel I had ever seen before, and the bed ahh that bed! I told Todd we needed one, stat 🙂 
Carson really was the happiest little camper. He told the guy at the front desk this was the best weekend of his life, not going to lie, this put a lump in my throat! I always remember what fun it was as a kid to get away with my parents, and just how cool it was to stay in a hotel. So, it was extra fun watching it through their eyes this weekend.
Family memories were made, love my little crew!

Many of you asked about my swimsuit, it’s Jessica Simpson! You can get it here. It’s one of the prettiest, and most flattering one pieces I’ve ever seen! Bikini version found here!

We pretty much let the kids do their thing…. aka jump on the bed, unlike at home 🙂

Todd let me have some “mommy” time while he played in the pool with the kids!! I throughly enjoyed it 😉 
Tory Burch flip flops, just like mine are still on major sale!!! 
Riding our bikes was one of our favorite things!! The trails were breathtaking! Carson, of course  thought riding our bikes to get ice cream was the coolest!

 Taylor missed the ice cream! Poor baby was worn out! 
She woke up in time to shop though! I couldn’t resist this sweet outfit for her!! It fit her perfect and it looked too adorable to take it off, so naturally we wore it out of the store 😉 
Luckily for Todd I am still swollen or I could have really done some damage in the Lilly store!! I tried  this white top on the mannequin and it was gorgeous! They didn’t have my size, so I am going to order it online here!
How funny is Carson’s face here? I think he was less than thrilled about the Lilly store!
Again, the hotel was fabulous and we can’t wait to go back again!! And I have a feeling it will be soon, none of us wanted to leave!!!
{this was the view below our room.}

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  1. Julia Ryan says:

    such an awesome staycation friend! xo

  2. That hotel looks amazing! Such a fun staycation!

  3. This looks like such a fun weekend! Family getaways are the best – especially as the kids get older and understand what's going on with them! I bought my little lady that same dress and she lives in it! I need to get her everything in that pattern! Taylor snoozing is just so much sweetness!! Happy Monday! xo

  4. Unknown says:

    What a fun little weekend, it looks like you guys had the best time!! Loving that adorable Lily on your little one!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great photos!! It looks like you had a fabulous getaway. I used to work on Kiawah, so I know just how awesome and special of a place it is!!


  6. Keely says:

    Love everything about this! You and your fam are just the sweetest! Thanks for sharing, love hearing about great local new places to check out!

  7. Alicia xoxxo says:

    Looks like the perfect weekend! The hotel looks gorgeous too. And love that little Lilly outfit on Taylor! Your kids are adorable!

  8. Looks like so much fun! Love that dress on Taylor and Carson's face is hysterical in the LP store!

  9. Tess says:

    What a fun weekend. I totally relate to you on how fun it was going for getaways as a little kid, and it's one of the things I look forward to most about being a mom. I'm glad the kids had fun – and you and Todd were able to enjoy yourselves too!

  10. Looks like you had a great time Caycee! XO So glad you were able to relax with your family!

  11. Sarah says:

    beautiful! so glad you had down time as a family!

  12. I love my life, but I really love yours too 😉 – what an awesome weekend!! Taylor is way too cute in all the pics – and Carson really says the sweetest things!

  13. Unknown says:

    We are happy to hear you had a great staycation on the islands!


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