Our Stay at Hotel Simone on St. Simons Island

Oct 1, 2021




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It has been forever since Todd and I have traveled, but I can’t even remember the last time we traveled just the two of us with no kiddos!  Well let me tell y’all, Hotel Simone did not disappoint!  It’s an adult only hotel with some of the most stunning decor I’ve ever seen! 

These amazing pendant lights were probably my favorite, but the art was spectacular as well. 
And now to the good stuff…our room was beyond amazing, and when I tell you guys the bed was the most comfortable hotel bed I’ve ever slept in, I truly mean it and I’ve slept in a lot of hotel beds! 
As a parent sans kids, this is seriously one of the most important things!  I also love that we had a fridge in our room because we had plenty of leftovers of some really delicious food!  And we may or may not have woken up bright and early Sunday, and enjoyed the leftovers in the bed with a movie! 

This is some of my favorite pinot noir, and the one small bite of the toffee I got was so good.  Todd called dibs on it, and if he finds a candy that he loves I let him have it 🙂 
I wish I would have taken more pictures of the gorgeous beach homes and the pretty soft sandy beach on St. Simons! 
But by far, our favorite spot was The King and Prince Beach and Golf resort, which you have full access to when you stay at Hotel Simone!  We both agreed that we would definitely be booking another trip to St Simons and staying at The King and Prince so we can bring the kids with us.  There were so many pretty pools, and being ocean front would be a dream for families.  Not pictured, but should absolutely be mentioned are their vodka froze cocktails!! 
Just living my best life and not even knowing what to do with an entire day by the pool and beach while kid free…ha!  Also, being that a lot of you asked, you can find my swimsuit here
On Saturday, after the best day of relaxing and talking, Todd and I freshened up for our dinner reservations at ECHO
You can find my dress here…it’s the best $30 swing dress and I got so many compliments on it Saturday night. 
You guys, not only was every single thing we had on the menu to die for, but we also had the best waiter ever!  David, if you’re reading this, you made our night so much fun!  And our table, which I also forgot to take a photo of, had the best view of the ocean.  Man, just typing this out, I am wishing Todd and I were back there right now. 
I am still dreaming about these scallops…they were melt in your mouth good and I cleaned my plate with absolutely nothing left on it. 

Todd cleaned his plate as well, and he’s normally not a New York strip kind of guy (he loves a ribeye), but he told me to let all of you know if you guys book a trip here that you need to make sure your husbands order this steak if they have it on the specials! 

On Sunday, we woke up kind of early.  Being that neither of us could sleep in, we grabbed the bikes, which Hotel Simone has for you to use free of charge with your stay.  We rode along the beach and around the cute little downtown area!  
And ps – Todd had no idea I snapped this photo so there’s a chance if he sees it, it might disappear. 

And last, on our way home we made a stop at Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint on Jekyll Island!!  They are known for their house-made moonshines and their ribs, and both were incredible!!
My favorite moonshine from this flight was the strawberry and Todd really liked the sweet tea.
Hands down the most amazing ribs I have ever tasted!!  The rack was so big that we were able to take plenty home.  We reheated them the next night, and Todd and I barely even got any of it because all three kids were devouring them! 
I had the shrimp and grits, and they were also really really good.  I had never had shrimp and grits with fried onions on top, but that was probably my favorite part. 

I really can’t say enough great things about Hotel Simone and the rest of the adorable St. Simons Island. We will definitely be back being that there was still so much we wanted to see and places we wanted to eat 🙂  So, if you’re thinking about planning a fun little adult only getaway, I promise you guys will love it here! 

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  2. We travel to St. Simone and stay at the Cloister each January. I've added these restaurants to my list of places to eat the next time we go. It is such a beautiful place!


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