Our Stay-cation at the Andell Inn

Jun 7, 2016




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Happy Tuesday gals!!  I still have a floor full of bags to unpack, four loads of laundry to do, and we have no groceries around here!  But, while all the memories are still fresh on my brain, I wanted to share some stories and pictures from our little weekend stay-cation at the Andell Inn.  This is actually our third year doing a stay-cation here, and I think it’s safe to say, it’s a tradition we don’t plan on breaking! 
And sorry guys, this post has a major picture overload! 
We arrived a little before noon on Saturday and we immediately hit the pool.  The pool is where we stayed until about 5 and the only reason we left is because is we knew the kids were needing a break from the sun, plus we were all getting a little hungry. 
The kids had the best time and they met some new friends that were really sweet.  And they all had a blast on this popsicle float!  It was really adorable watching all of them laughing and trying to get on the float at the same time. 

While Todd and the kids played in the pool, I was able to have some relaxing chair time soaking up the sun! 
My bikini top is sold out, but I found the exact top here in a different color, bottoms here.  I also found the one piece here and the tankini here.  And I know it’s hard to tell from this photo, but you may notice a little improvement in my stretch marks.  I’ve still been using this tummy tuck gel twice a day.  I’ve also started using the bee venom collection on my face, and you guys, I am obsessed!!!  But I’ll share more on that later…I promise. 

Todd and I enjoyed the most delicious jalapeno watermelon margaritas 😉  I highly recommend these if you ever pay the Andell Inn a visit!  
We ended up ordering pizza and pasta to go from La Tela Pizzeria.  I forgot to snap a picture because we were way too busy stuffing our faces.  After dinner, we decided to all rinse off and get in our pajamas early.  Carson and I took a detour by the Toy Shop on our way to grab the food and we picked up a few puzzles along with the Candy Land game. 

I just knew the kiddos were going to be wiped out from being at the pool all day, and I thought surely they would be ready to go to bed after our game, but clearly they had other plans 🙂 
So, night swimming with our popsicle float we went! 
 Carson and Todd saw our friends that we had met earlier that day in the elevator, so they invited them to come along for the evening swim with us. 
And I must admit, watching the sunset while seeing my little crew all smiles was well worth the second bath and late bedtime. 
The next morning, when everyone finally woke up at 9:00am, we headed downstairs to grab breakfast.  And trust me when I tell you, the Andell Inn isn’t your normal hotel breakfast, they have the best biscuits and gravy I have ever tasted! 
After our food settled from breakfast, we all headed out on a little bike ride.  It was a little cloudy with a slight breeze, so it felt amazing cruising on our bikes around the village. 
And what’s a bicycle ride without a stop for some ice cream at the cutest little pharmacy in all the world!
I mean, doesn’t this place look like something straight out of a magazine! 
After ice cream we headed back to our hotel room to toss on our swimsuits and get one last swim in! I just love this picture of Carson looking out the window.  And y’all, this was the kids room, so let’s just say they were in heaven with their own queen sized bed and tv! 

And you know Taylor loved the decor in their room! 
And here’s a little peek at our room.  I swear, I could have cuddled up in this plush bed and stayed for days 🙂 

I ran to the store to grab a few things before I met everyone at the pool and this little swing dress was perfect for tossing on over my suit! 
Swing Dress // also here (runs big so size down) // Headband 

And Todd, Carson, and I spent over an hour with this wild little fish working on swimming without her floaty.  She has no fear of the water and she did great.  I find this relieving and terrifying all at the same time. 
On our bicycle ride that morning, Todd and I ran into some of our friends that happened to be staying out at Kiawah for the week and they invited us to dinner with them that evening.  
All showered and ready for dinner! 
My outfit- Dress // Wedges // Bracelet 
Todd’s outfit- Shirt (on sale) Shorts // Belt // Shoes 
And Carson’s polo can be found here, and Taylor’s star dress here.
Love these three so much!! 
Sadly, it was time to head out Monday morning 🙁  Todd left for work around 9:00am while I was able to enjoy a complete hour of coffee and tv time while both babies slept the morning away. 
It was such a fun and magical weekend with my family, and even though we weren’t far from home at all, it seemed a million miles away.  A BIG thank you to our friends at the Andell Inn for having us back to stay again!! 
And here are a few things I packed for our trip and a few outfits that I wore while we were there. 

And you guys, I know these flip-flops say just married on them, but the gold bows were way too cute not to grab them up. 

And this is what I actually wore on Friday evening before we left for our trip Saturday morning, but I wanted to share it with you guys because my t-shirt dress in this print was just marked down 40% off! My solid coral dress is sold out, but honestly, I love this pattern even better! 

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  1. JMO says:

    Ah this looks like so much fun and you look ah-mazing! Xo

  2. Kait says:

    Jalapeno watermelon margaritas?! Yes PLEASE!

  3. Looks like a fun and relaxing weekend! Y'all are such a precious family!

  4. A relaxing weekend away is so nice! Your kiddos will always remember that fun night swim and I want to visit that ahhh-dorable pharmacy!

  5. What an amazing weekend, and so close to home x


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