Our Trip To Palmetto Bluff

Aug 6, 2018




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After Todd and I left Atlanta the Friday before last we headed for a two night stay at Palmetto Bluff to continue our early Anniversary celebration. I took a girls trip about three years ago and we stayed at Palmetto Bluff for a long weekend. I fell in love with the place, and every since then I’ve been dying to take Todd there. 
We pulled in right as the sun was setting and everything looked so gorgeous and picturesque.
And while I knew they had added on a beautiful new Inn since the last time I visited, I had no idea they had also added new restaurants, shops, and pools. That being said, this was a really fun surprise to see all of this for the first time! 
Todd and I were up early Saturday morning ready for a delicious breakfast at Octagon Porch! I always joke with Todd that I eat like the man, but it’s really not a joke at all, especially when it comes to breakfast…my plate always looks like a dudes…ha! 
And if you guys ever make a visit, you have to try the Octagon Porch Breakfast Sandwich…it’s to die for!

After breakfast, we walked around for about thirty minutes and took in some of the amazing views. 
After our walk, we were ready to hit the water and do a little kayaking. Todd and I have kayaked a few times before, but we both agreed this time was our favorite. The water was calm and smooth, and we brought along our Boom portable speaker to listen to music. We ended up kayaking for over four hours and it was so much fun just talking, singing, telling old stories, and just relaxing on the water together. 
Here’s a better view of my outfit below. This tank and these shorts are made out of the best luxletic material, and they are so cute and comfy! 

Todd and I were both so tired after kayaking that we decided to shower, order room service, and watch a movie. And when we walked into our room we were surprised with champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and the sweetest card ever! 
Room service, champagne, pajamas, and a good movie is seriously my favorite kind of night! 
On Sunday, we were both up bright and early again. Both of us have the hardest time sleeping in, and we’re always ready to eat in the mornings! 
The trail on our walk to breakfast was so pretty and peaceful. 

And while yes, this is my plate, Todd’s looked almost the same this time 🙂 Buffalos has the most amazing breakfast bar with the best biscuits and gravy you will ever eat!
After breakfast, we rented bicycles and rode through a few of the trails. It was so pretty, and with all the trees and the nice morning breeze it felt great! 
And how cool is this treehouse we passed on one of the trails. I know Carson and Taylor would love playing on it. 
After the bike ride, we headed back to the Inn to shower and pack up. 
This was one of the hallways inside the Inn. I was so obsessed with the carpet and the lighting that I had to snap a picture. 
And since it was almost time for lunch, neither one of could resist stuffing our faces with the delicious food at Buffalos one more time…ha!

 What I wore on Sunday. 

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