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Nov 25, 2013




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Ahh, we had another crazy, fun, and busy weekend!
On Friday night we hosted a small dinner party. I cooked Mexican, we drank tequila, and played the board game Dirty Minds! Need I even tell you it was a great time 😉 

On Saturday morning my brother dropped off his three kids. They were spending the night for the first time! Oh my, we had such a great time with them. Carson was pretty much in heaven the entire time. We took them to the Holiday Festival of Lights (they had never been) and it was so magical! Watching their little faces was priceless! 

And this is how we all felt come lunch time around Sunday. I thought this was pretty much the cutest pass out I had ever seen.
But our weekend fun was not over yet! We had plans to go eat “friendsgiving ” with Carson’s best buddy on his farm. Farm living is so relaxing and peaceful. We had such a great time, nothing beats a real fire and chickens running around 😉 

(I actually made the cornbread dressing, and I thought it turned out pretty darn good so I will post the recipe tomorrow.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Those jalapeno things looks soooooo scrumptious. I've been craving jalapeno this whole pregnancy so far! Must. Post. Recipe. We need to do the James Island Lights still, hopefully weekend after Thanksgiving! Brave you for having so many kids at a sleepover…I get anxiety thinking about having my son's friends over…I don't know how my mom did it! They act all crazy and they never go to sleep! Ah, to be a kid again. LOL.



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