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Apr 22, 2013




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Gracious goodness I must say I am glad this weekend is over. I always hate when I feel that way, and honestly rarely ever do. But my little man was sick 🙁 So we spent pretty much the entire weekend trapped inside. He was so pitiful and as a mother you know how much it hurts to see your babies not feeling good. 
The upside in being trapped inside was I dominated Taylor’s closet and the playroom. 

and Done
Carson started feeling a little better on Saturday so he helped mama whip up some cupcakes. Yes they are green Christmas cupcakes, don’t judge.
We put the babies down early and ordered up some pizza and a movie then called it a night.
On Sunday I really wanted to go to church, but I knew we should probably stay home and make sure Carson was on the mend. As soon as I could tell he was feeling better, we made the decision to head out to Boone Hall for the Strawberry Festival. I couldn’t get in the shower and throw on clothes fast enough.  
Here’s what I wore.
(I did switch to flats)

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  1. Lulu says:

    Glad he is feeling better. Love your top from F21. And per usual, the ecard cracks me up.

  2. Nat says:

    Love your outfit! You are rocking those jeans! So glad that Carson is feeling better and you were able to get out of the house

  3. Love the jeans! Girl you got dolled up a festival- and werent you freezing- I was cold all day yesterday. Please come organize my closets:)

  4. CCWatkinson says:

    I am dying over that ecard… Made my AM! Love your color combo!! You look fantastic! Glad your babe feels better!

  5. megan says:

    Super cute outfit! I'm off of work today so I may start domination clean/organize house…right after I finish reading my daily blogs. 🙂

  6. Unknown says:

    I was going to say I didn't know how you wore heels in that muddy mess! We were there on Sunday too! Crazy winds and lots of black mud! LOL, but it was fun. I went on that crazy Pendulum ride thing with my 7yo!
    Morgan of Style Oyster

  7. -Lauren says:

    Looks like a productive at home weekend. Glad your babyboy is better. Love the outfit!

  8. Chelsea says:

    Wow — very impressed with your organization! Adorable outfit and glad your little man is on the mend!

  9. Julia Ryan says:

    oh man I hate the funk. I've been nursing the kids for going on 10 days now that they're finally on the mend today, I'm sick. BOO!!!


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