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Nov 12, 2012




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 Friday I got hair highlighted, so that in itself made for a Friday fabulous!
We also had a date night which is always a plus around here. Date night was complete after a lovely dinner and a trip to target. (my how our dates change after kids).
We started off Saturday right too! Brunch with the kids. I wish I could tell you The Early Bird was delicious, but sadly I think Taylors puffs would have tasted better.
No worries Sunday was the best day of all! 
We made it to church!!! Can I get an Amen!!
It was so nice to go back, and I am kinda kicking myself it has taken us this long. Seeing all those sweet faces and hearing such a great message, that was a good feeling.
Last and get ready for picture overload!!! We decided to hit up the Holiday Festival of Lights! I know it’s November, and hot outside. Yet is was still so much fun. Got the pictures to prove it.

 (Todd looks high, and Carson totally looks like the Grinch).

The End.

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