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I hope you all had a lovely weekend!  Ours was jammed full, but so much fun!! 
// On Friday, we surprised Carson by signing him out of school an hour early and we took him and Taylor to the fair.  I know lots of my friends “don’t do the fair”…haha, but as a kid it was one of my favorites.  I am pretty sure our kids would agree that it’s one of their favorite events as well!  The rides, the games, and my favorite….the food!  I know, I know…but you guys, the cheese fries, the corn dogs, and the candy apples….there’s just nothing else like it! 

Carson’s best buds, Liam and Noah, met us there and that just made this little guy’s day even more fun! 
// On Saturday, we had a birthday party, we took Rocky to our dog park, and then had some friends over for dinner and games! 
(Taylor’s new pup from the fair joined us as well)
I made this delicious dip.  I also added sausage to the original recipe!  You guys, it will knock your socks off it’s so good.  Next time, for even more spice, I am going to roast fresh jalapeños.
(Excuse the photos, I snapped them quick on my iPhone while it was dark) 

What I wore. 
They just got these in, and they are fabulous! )
// On Sunday, we stayed in our pj’s most of the morning, and also cleaned up the house a bit.  On Sunday afternoon we had a baptism reception for this sweet baby boy.  Oh, he was absolutely the sweetest, I seriously could have taken him home with me!  And you know baby loving Todd would have had no problem with that 😉 

And you see how my two felt about getting all dressed up for the occasion!  Bahahaha!!  Carson was mad about his shoes, and Taylor just does whatever her brother does! 
The views from the reception.  Easily one of the most beautiful views in Charleston. 
// We put away all of our all of our Halloween decorations.  And now we are so ready to put out our Christmas decorations!!  Anyone else itching to do this yet?!?
Taylor’s dress can be found here, and her shoes are Yosi, which are found here

And last, these two had their first little sleepover in Carson’s room last night!  Cutest thing ever when I peeked in at them this morning! 

PS… If you missed my Sunday post you can check that out here

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  1. Kimm says:

    What a fun weekend. And there is nothing better than fair food!

  2. Alie says:

    Y'all are such sweet parents! Those rides at the fair looked like a blast! I'd ride with y'all too and get some cotton candy. I guess my guilty pleasure is dressing like a pirate this coming weekend and going to our Renaissance Faire. The fair food there is awesome like turkey legs, homemade potato chips and things on a stick. Your kids would probably love to dress up and watch jousting, etc! Have a great week!!!


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