Pappardelle with a quick bolognese sauce + Chocolate chip cookies

Feb 17, 2015




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Per the request from Instagram, I am dishing two easy (and tasty) recipes today! My kiddos devoured the pasta and the cookies, so that in itself is a huge WIN in our house! 
This pasta dish was super easy and full of flavor! It also says in the cookbook that it’s even better the next day! Looks like Todd is going to have some yummy leftovers at work! 
This is the first recipe that I’ve made from my new cookbook Weeknight Fresh and Fast, but it will definitely not be my last! 
You can find the full recipe here.  

The recipe was specific about the brand of tomatoes to use, so I included a picture of the can for you:) 

 Moving on to what they call “the best chocolate chip cookie“! While these were pretty tasty, they were definitely not the best I’ve ever had. I do think it was partly my fault for “softening” the butter in the microwave:) I totally forgot to take the butter out beforehand, and I think it changed the texture a bit. Needless to say, Taylor, Carson, and his buddies sure seemed to love them, and really, that’s all that matters! 

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  1. That pasta looks AMAZING! Please tell me you had it with a glass of wine 😉

  2. Christina says:

    I always forget to take my butter out until the last minute, so the easiest way to get it to room temperature is to grate it! Seriously, just use a cheese grater and grate it into small chunks and it'll warm up faster AND be easier to cream.

  3. Pris says:

    That bolognese looks amazing!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  4. Kimm says:

    I'm gonna make those cookies tomorrow! I love a chocolate chip cookie

  5. I need to purchase this cookbook, the pasta bolognese dish looks delicious! And those cookies look just as yummy! Xo, Stephanie


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