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Apr 5, 2012




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It’s been a crazy busy week at the Hewitt house! So I thought I would share some pictures from my phone!
We went to visit daddy at work on Tuesday, and he was very excited to see us! I love these two boys they have such a special bond, and I love watching them together!
Lately the afternoons drag especially from 3-5!!! But our fun neighbors have made the afternoons so much fun! Usually about 3 on the dot Carson says lets go on a walk and see who is home!!! Ha! he loves when his gf Mckenna is home 😉
 We visited the Easter bunny on Monday! He was totally one of those creepy mall bunnies, but Carson thought he was great! Speaking of Easter on our date last night Todd and I went bunny shopping! Lets just say his basket is going to be sweet, and full of some awesome stuff! Is it just me or is it so fun to shop for cool surprises for your kid?? 
Today is my 35 week Dr appt, and Carson is tagging along! He is really excited and says he’s going to hold my hand so I won’t be scared.( melt my heart). And judging my the size of this belly she may not make it 4 more weeks 😉

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  1. SaraRuth says:

    Hold your hand so you won't get scared! So sweet!

  2. Andrea says:

    What a sweet little boy you have! You look great!!


  3. KatiePerk says:

    Such a sweet boy! YOU LOOK FAB!

  4. Love it! You look GREAT!!

  5. Lea Liz says:

    You look beautiful!!


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