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Hallelujah friends…we made it to Friday!  Was it just me or did this seem like the longest week ever!?!?
// Yesterday, our builder confirmed that we should be closing on our house no later than the end of October.  That being said, October can’t come soon enough!  Todd and I both knew the commute taking the kids to and from school would be rough, but have mercy, pick up has taken me no less than two hours everyday.  My car literally looks like someone is living in it, and no matter how many times I tell the kids to get their shit out of the car when we get home, it never happens!
Oh how I can’t wait for this moment…haha!
//  As soon as I spotted this sweatshirt I knew I had to have it.  Rose is definitely my wine of choice these days.  Lately, I find myself counting down the hours until 5pm when I can pour a glass.  I’ve made a new rule for myself, however, to only have wine Thursday through Saturday…and man, it’s a lot harder than I thought.  Y’all seriously, the struggle is real!

Sweatshirt also here  // White Jeans (only $54) 
// I made this decision about alcohol for many reasons, but the main two were my health and my weight fluctuation.  I am fine just having one glass while cooking dinner, but my problem is after dinner is cooked.  I always eat way too much, plus, I always want something sweet afterwards.  I find that if I can skip that glass of wine then I don’t crave dessert, plus, I can also keep myself from pigging out.  I’ve also discovered a new love for arugula.  This is my latest super easy, but very yummy salad.  It’s just arugula, grilled chicken, shaved parmesan, with a little bit of lemon juice and olive oil. 
// After school yesterday I decided to surprise the kids and take them by Target to grab a little treat and a small toy.  It has been a big week for them and they’ve both done so great.  So I thought a trip to Target for an ICEE, popcorn, and a little surprise were well deserved!  Carson picked out a new Minecraft plush character and Taylor chose the dog ‘Gidget’ from the Secret Life of Pets.  They were both so excited with their new toys.  Taylor never put Gidget down from the time we got home until she took her to bed 🙂 
// And last, if you missed my post yesterday make sure you come back here Monday for the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Giveaway!  Plus, tomorrow morning I am going to be posting tips and sizing information on a few things that I own that have already been pulled from the website.
These two dresses below that are under $100 are still on their website, so they will not be included in the sale. 

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  1. Two hours is no joke! Hopefully October comes very quickly this year!

  2. Omg caycee! I made the same exact promise about wine too! And the struggle IS real! When you get over to Daniel island, I think we definitely need to wine together!


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