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Mar 23, 2023




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Hello friends and happy Thursday!!! This past Sunday I did a little Q&A on Instagram, and since I got some repeat question I thought it would be helpful just to share the answers here in one place.

// What were the results for best vitamin C serum that won’t break the bank?

The top three most recommend were Sunday Riley (and I ordered this set on amazon) many of you guys told me you purchased it from Amazon and it was the real deal, so I felt safe doing that. Beauty Counter all bright c-serum, and Barefaced liquid gold.

Are you still taking Wellbutrin and Lexapro, if so, is it working well for you?

Yes, I am still taking both of these, and I feel like they are working pretty good. I still have my good days and my bad days though. My depression has gotten much better and I am not currently battling with that, but my anxiety still strikes a lot and sometimes it’s really bad. But we are under a lot of stress right now with all of our home stuff, and other things I am just not comfortable sharing at this time, so I know this is playing a huge roll in my anxiety. All of this to say, that I do believe both of these medications work well to help with depression and anxiety.

What was the lawsuit about regarding your house?

It’s a BIG mess!!! We had issues with mold and leaks, and then our attorney sent a structural engineer out, and he found a whole other list of issues. Again, it’s a big mess that has been going on for three years now, and we just found out it’s going to be another full year before the case is closed.

What are you doing to lose weight?

Well… if I am being completely honest at this point I have just cut way back on my portions, stopped all sodas, and I am drinking a TON of water. I was going to the gym regularly a few weeks back, but last week and this week have been a bust. Hoping to start the gym back up next week with a goal of taking no less than two classes a week. On a positive note I am down to 125 from 134, so I’ll take it 🙂

Did you ever get your blood results back?

Yes, and much to my surprise everything came back in the normal range. The doctor told me she truly thought most of my symptoms were from extreme stress 🙁

Favorite No-Show Socks?

This question gets asked anytime I do a Q&A. Can’t ever have enough no-show socks because if you’re anything like me your washer and dryer eat them haha! These are SO good, and very inexpensive.

No-Show Socks

Easter dresses for mom?

This is a fun one… there are SO many new gorgeous styles and prints right now that are perfect for Easter.

Free People Forget Me Not Floral

Green and Pink Tiger Stacey Dress

Logan Puff Sleeve Dress

Pink Jacquared Empire Ella Mini Dress

Floral Ruffle Square Neck Midi

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