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Apr 24, 2013




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What I am eating: Nothing it’s 5:30, so I am sipping on coffee. I am enjoying the dark and quite that is usually non existent in this house.
What I am loving: This sweet picture of my baby girl looking out of her window.
 What music is my current jam: Mumford and Sons- I will wait. Ya’ll no joke I have been running to this song I love it so much. Hence why maybe I cant even make it a mile.(Probably not the best song to run to).

What I am obsessing overThese shoes for Taylor and these shoes for me that I ordered from the Saks friends and family sale!!  (I die over these gold baby shoes, and let’s be real TB is never on sale)

What is making me excited: Working out at my trainers NEW GYM today!! So proud of him, and so excited for a new change! How insane does this contraption look? Can not wait to try out the trx!
Whats “not” making me excited: Our grass look like crap in our front yard, and no one has sod right now! Wtf!!!
What I am looking forward to: A weekend that is not too busy with my family! Love them so much!
Happy Hump Day Friends!!! What’s on your mind?

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  1. Melissa W. says:

    That contraption looks like a great work-out!
    Love the pic of Tay. at her window :-). Sweet bubbles-I will forever miss them!

    Oh Tory. I "need" so many Tory items in my life :-).

    True story-I asked Chris for "more grocery money" the other day. I explained how since we did our budget four years ago, the twins eat a ton and groceries have gone up in price… Yada Yada. His response, "you basically want more money to have "extra to shop!" Damn. He knows me well 🙂

  2. megan says:

    Love those photo booth pics of the fam. Too cute!

  3. Caroline says:

    Love everything about this post and those shoes for Taylor are too cute!!! Happy Wednesday and let us know how that work out goes 🙂

  4. Tess says:

    Cute post!! Good luck with TRX. I think you'll like it but it does take a little getting used to!

  5. haha those pictures of you with your family are hilarious. Y'all are too cute!

  6. I knew you would cave and order something from Saks. That contraption scares me it looks like a sex swing or something weird. Love the shoes


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