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Sep 1, 2015




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 These two giving each other nose kisses… about the sweetest thing ever!  Carson is doing great with his reading, so every night he reads Taylor a book before bed.  It melts my mama heart watching these two become so close. 

 This past Sunday I was having withdrawals from my girl Kelly.  So…..we ordered takeout, let the boys play, and enjoyed girl time with a nice glass of rose! 

Snuggles with a newborn are better than Taco Bell!  And let’s be real, we all know my love for The Bell!  Oh, those sweet little hands. 
Yesterday it rained cats and dogs here!  I decided to let Taylor put on her rain boots and puddle jump! This girl loves water of any kind and getting messy doesn’t bother her at all! 

 Put on this outfit Friday night with plans to go out to dinner and then to the concert with the kiddos. Carson ended up not feeling great, so he and I had a pajama movie night instead. 
Finally ordered my first Marysia swimsuit!!  Almost the entire collection is 50% right now!!  I snagged this one in the pink! 
Taylor’s room looked nice and clean for about 4 hours yesterday, but hey, that was a lot longer than I planned 😉 
Received the most gorgeous necklaces in the mail on Saturday.  The bar one has our wedding date, and as you can see, the round one has the babies names on it.  They look so beautiful layered together. 

My girlfriends and I dropped in Candy Shop Vintage last week for her adorable pop up shop!  Loving this bright fun ring! 
 Had the most amazing toast ever at Park Cafe last week.  It was whipped ricotta with heirloom tomatoes.  AMAZING!! 

And that’s about all the randomness I have today 🙂 

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  1. those necklaces are fab and your little girl's room is adorable.

  2. Barberbabble says:

    Hi Caycee, would you be willing to share the color of Taylor's room, please? I am searching for the lightest, most not-annoying shade of pink, and I love the way her room looks. Thanks so much!

  3. I love mother's necklace too!! I adore that it includes your wedding date.

  4. Annie Reeves says:

    I can't even talk about how much I love that tomato toast. SO GOOD. Can't wait to see you tonight!!

    Annie Reeves

  5. Loving all this randomness – those nose kisses have my heart melting! x

  6. Unknown says:

    Where did you get the rug in your daughter's room from. It is amazing!!


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