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Feb 28, 2015




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Happy Saturday Loves!!! I’ve got some really good shopping for you today 🙂 
Finally grabbed this coverup I’ve been lusting over! Victoria’s Secret is having there spend more save more going on, so now’s the time to grab some stuff!! 

$15 OFF A $100 ORDER
$25 OFF A $150 ORDER
$55 OFF A $250 ORDER

I also picked up this suit, the colors are amazing, and it covers your tush! 
Forever 21 online is absolutely killing it this season!!! Here a few things I ordered last week, and I love them all!!! 

So I am thinking I may be a little embroidered obsessed 🙂 And this maxi is going to my next purchase!!!! 
And This Blouse is stunning, as is this one!!! 

Peasant Blouse  (also in white and blue)

 Lets not forget the mini, she must have some pom poms and embroidered goodness too!! 
Added bonus Old Navy is offering 40% off for all card members and 30% for non card members!! 

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  1. Traci says:

    Girl I would "kill" to look that good in a bikini after 2 kids! You go girl!

  2. caycee says:

    aww thank you Traci!! You are too sweet!!!

  3. You look amazing! All cute pieces but I had to write and tell you how great you look! All that working out is obviously paying off!

  4. Florence says:

    Would you share what you have been doing & eating to get back on track? You look fantastic! Thanks

  5. Kristel says:

    Skinny Minnie, you look great!

  6. caycee says:

    Thank you so much girl!!! Makes me feel so good to hear this 😉

  7. caycee says:

    Hey!! Thank you so much!! Sure, I'll try and do that this week 🙂

  8. Unknown says:

    Girllll, you look so good!!! Inspiration for sure!!

  9. Love those Forever 21 tops. I'm going to order them, too. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Whitney says:

    Love all this!😍 Is the peasant top shorter than a normal top? I can't tell, and I'm thinking of ordering!

  11. caycee says:

    Hi Whittney! I couldn't believe all the good stuff they had!! Maybe just a little, but unless you have a really long torso, you should be totally fine!

  12. I haven't been into Forever 21 in so long but I will have to stop in the next time that I'm at the mall. Loving all of your finds! Hurry up, Spring! Xo, Stephanie

  13. Latawnieh says:

    What size did you get in the white and red embroidered dress from Forever21? I am about your size but expecting, so totally unsure how to size in this! You look fantastic!

  14. Unknown says:

    Love your Forever 21 picks. Would you mind sharing what size you purchased for sizing reference?

  15. caycee says:

    Thanks girl!!! I am wearing a small in everything! And an xs in the on eon the bed with the teal sleeves 🙂

  16. Unknown says:

    Thanks!! New to your blog and gotta say I'm loving it. 🙂

  17. caycee says:

    Well aren't you just the sweetest Gisella!! Thank you girl 😉


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