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Oct 17, 2013




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OK really, this quote annoys me, but it just seemed perfect for the post I am about to give you.

So yes, sorry for another shopping post, but I just couldn’t help it! These Big Friends and Family sales only come twice a year, and unfortunately/fortunately for some they are back to back.
 Now I am just being honest, Saks to me, isn’t near as awesome as the Shopbop F&F. But there are a few gems on there that they don’t offer at Shopbop. For instance, they have Lilly Pulitzer, the best Tory Burch shoe selection, and some pretty adorable baby/kids clothes. Plus, the denim selection is pretty sweet as well (lots of ankle and cropped, for us not so tall people who don’t wont to waste time/money getting them hemmed).
So here is the little round up of the good stuff from Saks! Use code FRNFAM to save 25% off your purchase!
PS Don’t forget today is the last day to save 25% at Shopbop!!! (Use code INTHEFAMILY25)
I wish I had a money tree so I could have bought everything on my list, but I can’t seem to find one of those 😉 But if you’re curious, I narrowed it down, and these are the things that came home with me. Can’t wait for the mail lady to drop off my goodies 😉

These Hunter rain boots
Every time it rains here, I swear I am buying a pair of these. So when the sale hit I knew this would be my first purchase.

welly socks to dress my rain boots up a bit 😉

 Current/Elliott high rise ankle
I mean high rise, ankle, and skinny all in one? They have to be the perfect jean and make my ass look amazing right?

Dolve Vita dress
I cant decide if it’s the color, the belt, or the smoking hot model I love more? Either way, it’s sexy and $91.75 after the discount, so it’s mine!!

Caroline patent ballet flat
I own a few pair of TB flats, but not one solid black pair. So these were just a must, right?

 Steven Intyce Boot
Lord have mercy I racked up on some shoes this sale. On these…..a) I’ve seen them in person(they are fabulous) b)The price was  already freaking amazing (throw in 25% off and they are basically giving them away) c) The color of these boots are slap your mama good!

Tory Burch Penn tote
Technically I haven’t ordered this yet. But I really really want too! The price is great, and that fabric with kids would be awesome.

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  1. I have those Steve Madden boots in two colors you will love them! Now you are making me want to order more we are a bad influence on each other!

  2. Brandi says:

    Cuteness!!! You know what I'd like for you to do a post on???? The budget (if you have one) you have each month to buy fun stuff, like clothes, shoes, etc. I'm married to an accountant so if I had a fun little shopping spree like this, he'd probably freak out. What does your hubby say about your shopping? My hubby totally doesn't understand why I like to buy fun new clothes and shoes all the time…so sad!!!!!!!

  3. The Hunters and fleece liners are seriously amazing. I wear the Hunters year round, and add the liners come winter to keep my feet dry and warm. They are worth the price.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well, I bit the bullet and got my very own Hunter boots, too. Thanks for the bad influence 🙂

  5. Unknown says:

    I've been dying for some Hunter's…can't get them right now though 🙁 Will have to wait til the next F&F sale. Enjoy yours, love that ruby color!

  6. Caroline says:

    So many pretty things!!! I feel like I need all new shoes now….PS Your shopping posts are killing me..and my budget 😉

  7. Sarah Vicars says:

    Oh my gosh! I love everything! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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