Splurge VS Steal (Workout Wear / Swim / Accessories)

Jul 10, 2018




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This is seriously the most excited I’ve felt in a while as far as sharing a post with y’all! I love designer pieces just as much as the next girl, but nothing, and I mean nothing beats finding a quality dupe for way cheaper!! Especially when you’re a girl that loves to shop as much as I do 🙂 And a lot of these items on the splurge list I actually own, so I can 100% vouch that the quality is top notch! 

*You guys are going to flip out when you click on this CRZ workout brand. I swear, not only are most of the pieces identical to Lululemon, but they actually feel like the exact same material!! I ordered the shorts below, but they are on back order until next week. Either way, if you like the Lululemon speed shorts I would jump all over these now! 
* These are the shorts that I showed on Instastories yesterday and I am OBSESSED!! I usually wear a four in Lululemon shorts and the small 4/6 fits exactly the same. They also come in the 2.5 inch as well if you like your shorts a little shorter when you run. 
*These are some of my favorite Lululemon tanks ever and my Core 10 tank is arriving today. I’ll be sure to show you guys a side by side comparison on Instastories today once I try it on! 

     Lululemon Power Y Tank            Core 10 Built In Bra Tank

* Okay, do not judge the steal sandal by the photo below. I have some, and in person they are drop dead gorgeous and SO comfortable! I walked around in mine for over seven hours yesterday and my feet felt great! I can promise that these sandals will not disappoint! They ran tts and fit perfect in my normal 6.5. 

* This is another steal I own. It arrived on Sunday and I’ve been dying to share it with you! If I can get my butt in gear, I’ll try and show it to you today. I swear, it’s even cuter in person that it is online and the material is amazing.

Jabo Laven Top                                     Ruffle Bottom

       Ruffle Bikini Top                            High Waist Bottoms

 Antibes Scallop Bottoms                   Jessica Simpson Bottoms       

Cult Gaia Ark Bag                           Bamboo Handbag

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