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Aug 6, 2012




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Good Monday Morning!
I am sitting here with a cup of coffee, my little man in his pajamas, and Clifford the dog on tv.
He decided 5:15 was a new appropriate time to get up for the day, killing me!
Anyway on to our child-free weekend…..
It was fabulous, and relaxing! I don’t have anything to exciting to share just some much needed time with the hubby!
Friday looked like this.
 Happy to have the house to ourselves 😉
We headed out to Kiawah for dinner and the concert on the green. Drinks, lounge chair, and live music= Bliss.
I rocked out the curls with my new Curling wand!!!
Saturday looked like this.
Lots of relaxing at the pool, with margaritas in hand 😉
Complete with back dives.
Then on Sunday Todd went to go pick up the babies and I enjoyed brunch with my most favorite girls ever! Julia please move back here so we can do this every Sunday!!! I seriously love these girls.
And from the looks of it Carson was having a blast at Mimi and Papas.

Thanks mom and dad for taking care of the babies for us.

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  1. Had a blast Sunday. I continued drinking til 9 must lay off the booze today. Still amazed at your back dives.

  2. so fun! your curls look perfect and the back dive is seriously impressive

  3. Jealous! I need a babiless day with margaritas, sun and a pool, please! PS Love your curls!!

  4. hahaha love the picture of you two having the house to yourselves! That's hilarious. Glad you had an amazing weekend with plenty of time to relax.


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