Tassels for days

Mar 9, 2016




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What is it about fun little tassels?!?!  I swear, you could put them on almost anything and I would want it 😉  I was scared it was just a fad last year, and that they would fade out this year, but I am so happy to report that tassels are here to stay!

 I have had these shoes for two years now, so sadly, there are not a lot of them left.  I did, however, manage to find a few sizes here, plus, they offer free shipping and returns!! 

I am kicking myself for not grabbing this perfect little shift dress sooner! It comes in six different colors, and four of the colors are actually 40% off, putting this baby under $33!!!  For size reference, I think it runs a little small, so I would go up one size.  I am wearing the small below. 

Not sure if you can tell in these photos, but those little pink beads on this horn necklace are so beautiful and pair with almost any outfit! 

And for more of my favorite fringe heels you can shop below! 

Photos by Kim Graham 

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  1. Those heels though! Ah!


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